The Rural Development Bureau of Dazhou launched an event to commemorate officials killed in the fight against poverty

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Qingming season comfort loyal soul, spring rain sent sad.In recent days, Pan Feng, party Secretary and director of the Rural Revitalization Bureau of Dazhou city, Sichuan Province, has led a team to various counties, cities and districts to commemorate the heroes in the fight against poverty and visit the relatives of officials who died on duty, expressing their deep sorrow for their comrades in arms, carrying forward the great spirit of poverty alleviation and inspiring the power to continue the progress of rural revitalization.At the home of Deng Xiaogang, a former aid official in Kaijiang County, Pan Feng and his delegation visited his parents and relatives.”Your children have made contributions and sacrifices to the cause of poverty alleviation, and the Party and the people will never forget them, let alone the poor people!”Pan Feng said affectionately, “You must take care of your health, cheer up your spirit, and actively face life to create a better life together. This is the best comfort for them!”Pan Feng ding belongs to the head of the relevant local departments, to effectively help Deng Xiaogang family to solve the specific difficulties in production and life, and to pay attention to the spiritual care and comfort.Deng Xiaogang, who was a teacher at Xinjie School in Kaijiang County, died at the age of 36 on February 24, 2019. He and his colleagues spent the weekend visiting villages to carry out pair investigation and help. He fell ill while helping poor households to transfer supplies.In maliu town radio and TELEVISION station worker Wei Youan home to visit and comfort wei youan’s family.”How old is the baby?What is your salary now?”Pan feng asked wei youan carefully and listened carefully. He encouraged wei youan’s family, “You have lost the pillar of your family, and your responsibility is greater. You must be strong and bear the heavy burden.”Pan feng said it is the responsibility of the whole society to remember heroes.Those cadres who sacrificed their lives in the fight against poverty deserve everyone’s respect.Remembering the sacrifice of poverty alleviation cadres, sustains mourning, but also should learn from them, learn their lofty spirit.Achieving comprehensive victory in poverty alleviation is not the end of the road, but the beginning of a new life and a new struggle.Current to prevent scale Chinese political task focused and effective cohesion, rural comprehensive revitalization of the urgent task to gather more powerful strength, confidence determination, by never idle state of mind, indomitable struggle attitude, work diligently, hard work, lead the people to create a better life, is the best for sacrifice comrades to offering.On the occasion of tomb-sweeping Day, the Dazhou Rural Development Bureau, led by the bureau leaders, was divided into four groups to visit the homes of 10 cadres and workers who died in the poverty alleviation work.Original title: “Dazhou Rural Development Bureau carries out Activities to Remember Cadres killed in Poverty Alleviation”