Emperor Gaozong of the Song dynasty knew that Qin Hui was a traitor, but he still kept him in power for 20 years

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Treacherous court official in southern song dynasty famous, twice prime minister, at the king’s hall of 20 years, across the qin GUI descendants who is celebrated for his evaluation, there are serious polarized, qin GUI before and after the huge contrast, in the late qin GUI, rape hou do less things didn’t meidefang knowingly qin GUI, why reuse his 20 years, right behind, what are the hidden secret?Today, come to tell you about the controversial qin GUI, the fluctuation in five thousand, after numerous dynasties, but every generation, every morning is rape phase, if use visibility to rank, qin GUI must be in the top of the southern song dynasty, qin GUI is almost a child barbary treacherous court official of big, but modern scholars, hu shi, said big qin GUI work, was scolded by the world,Is wrong also have scholars and the public opinion, liang qichao said, qin GUI with failure in power, why is there such a big difference, this is about to speak of from the experience of qin GUI in A.D. 1131, meidefang Zhao Gou after he began to reign in the fourth year, former prime minister deposed, qin GUI was appointed prime minister, Zhao Gou set up after the southern song dynasty,Has been threatened by xu jin guo qin GUI said he had two tricks, can shake the world, Zhao Gou very want to know the two tricks, empty out the prime minister, appointed to qin GUI after he became prime minister, will be two plan, plan only eight words, “northerners belong to the north, south to south”, to express his mean, north and south to the Yangtze river as the boundary,Xu jin guo basically took control of the north, just accept the fact that the southern song dynasty in the jiangnan region, effortless to reclaim the north, good governance, the jiangnan region also will escape from the north to the south, all get back to the north xu jin guo, in order to curry favor with xu jin guo, this is the figure of eight qin GUI or, as his tricks of the public, after all the also angered the people, he in a bristle,Back down from the prime minister of in situ planted a blooper, qin GUI proposal is disguised give up north, he did not make clear is that at that time many of the southern song dynasty is a northerner Lv Yihao, shi-zhong han, yue fei and so on, for example, don’t want to put these people back to the north, back to the future in the fight against the southern song dynasty, xu jin guo tactic to so when qin GUI,The southern song dynasty imperial moment fryer meidefang also very angry, confronts qin GUI said, I also is the people of the north, where the back, qin GUI at the shaky, want to cater to the emperor did not understand the mind of the emperor, he failed this time, also let him know that to be at the king’s island state to fail in the class, need to develop their own forces, see the mind of the emperor qin GUI actually that is not innateWhen the northern song dynasty the officer, Qin Guizeng is hawk officials, his father was also officials in the northern song dynasty, is a local magistrate, qin GUI is a teacher at the beginning, but life is hard, in the northern song dynasty bei song period, highest, treacherous court official final exceeded otherregions jinshi generation qin GUI, is how to bring up, qin GUI success in northern song dynasty the officer, nomads from south attack before the northern song dynasty,Emperor qin GUI also repeatedly letter, request nomads from attack against, but the other is song qinzong rejected the other is song qinzong decisions and xu jin guo peace, ready to hebei was ceded to xu jin guo, sent to and xu jin guo qin GUI peace talks, qin GUI is very reluctant to, he would rather resign, also don’t want to break their own nomads from the heart after scoring city, the other is song qinzong brother carry away,Asked the northern song dynasty to zhongshan, taiyuan and HeJian composed of three towns, was ceded to them, in more than seventy personal Suggestions and support, but also has 36 people opposed, qin GUI is among 36 people, all the qin GUI rape, is time and big situation of incubation, he is not a natural “traitors” nomads from there down, two emperor to be carry away, many ministers also abducted, qin GUI is among them,Many ministers reluctant to yield, to realize a truth, only to see the wind make navigation, to save himself, and there is no need to always try to be brave and qin GUI in xu jin guo started to sleek, his versatility, please Jin Guoren, smoothly under the account WanYanChang man, delicious good drink every day, life is very moist, xu jin guo prince, also specially for qin GUI,Said of his value by 1129, gold emperor taizong orders, rate of invasion of chuzhou, qin GUI embedded in, in order to easily win chuzhou, qin GUI penning a QuanJiangShu under, persuade surrender troops stationed in chuzhou xu jin guo but who do not eat this set of chuzhou, they spell to China, after the nomads from the city was breached, and all the people in the city is in insist, qin GUI QuanJiangShu,Doesn’t seem to play a role, but he let the king saw his faithful Jin Guoren freed him, qin GUI returning home, he was beheaded nomads from come back, but qin GUI specific how come back, is himself the most clear, the posterity is generally believed that qin GUI was put back to the escape unscathed gold people’s clutches, only the first please,To catch this good opportunity to return to court qin GUI, have mastered the kung fu, flatter in A.D. 1135, the gold emperor taizong died, the younger brother WanYanChang army against the southern song dynasty, qin GUI at this time, saw meidefang want Suggestions and thoughts, and wrote to the court, and xu jin guo peace, met with the minister in opposition, but supported by meidefang qin GUI blow namely,Was Zhao Gou many times after got the emperor’s appreciation, promotion, took only two years, qin GUI is returned to the privy council, gold emperor taizong died, lead to xu jin guo civil strife, this is good chance against xu jin guo southern star shi-zhong han and yue fei, all ready, xu jin guo, meidefang Zhao Gou why reluctant to troops to fight, the emperor Zhao Gou but don’t want to,Although its lost ground, against xu jin guo is the primary role of the southern song dynasty, but these are not important Zhao Gou has just established his throne in southern song dynasty, also sent the war party secretary li kang, troops north against xu jin guo many times, but every time a fiasco, and xu jin guo war for two years, Zhao Gou was beaten fled, is no good, so he didn’t want to battle Zhao Gou thought in his bones,The southern song dynasty was xu jin guo, however, he was afraid of desperate resistance, will break the southern song dynasty, the emperor didn’t properly, qin GUI fathom out Zhao Gou idea, many times before Zhao Gou advocates peace and deep the Zhao Gou heart soon, qin GUI was appointed prime minister again, and then qin GUI plot, ready to talk to xu jin guo and finally successful negotiations with gold, in the process, and yue fei was killed in a desperate fight,Qin GUI the peace talks, won trust Zhao Gou, remained at the monopolise power he stroke dissident, in court, gradually formed its own forces, in the southern song dynasty is very smooth, is a wily old fox in 1129 AD, meidefang Zhao Gou son day off, this is his only son, he several times efforts, did not give birth to son, at the admonition of a minister,Zhao Gou helpless adopted children of imperial clan in 1132 AD, zhao been reflected in the first six raised access palace in 1136 AD, and the age of seven zhao Qu access palace, secretary general support made zhao been reflected in the prince, because he was older than zhao Qu, Zhao Gou are reluctant to face, this let ministers don’t fathom in qin GUI for the second time when the prime minister of that year,Zhao Qu being dubbed Wu Guogong, the titles on many larger than zhao been reflected, in another prime minister Zhao Ding think, meidefang will pass long young, with the ministers opposed, but split, qin GUI meidefang said a words, in private and let Zhao Gou pleased prime minister Zhao Ding want to let the emperor made Zhao Yuan prince, is to want to let the emperor life have no prince, I think,The emperor should have made their own prince prince, qin GUI, will Zhao Ding with little people and has a further Zhao Gou trust and reuse, so insidious, too persuasive Zhao Gou not xenzhao’s eldest son, if there is no confusion of war, northern song dynasty Zhao Gou is no opportunity to sit on the throne, he sat on the throne, has been trying to get his approval, qin GUI out Zhao Gou thoughts again,The enrolled, flatter and use begin to whitewash, constantly create wonders in folk meidefang Zhao Gou, lying on the emperor’s doing nothing, as long as the qin GUI administration, month have auspicious, too flattering, although the emperor Zhao Gou inability, but he is not a fool, Zhao Gou knows, his heart is tell faithful evil and treacherous court official he will reuse the qin GUI for 20 years,Because, as the emperor, he needs to seek personal gain, eyes are staring at the princes and all the people, oneself to inconvenience, when a person is required to back pan treacherous court official and bundled together for a long time, the emperor can’t completely distance, that’s why qin GUI has been reused, behind the power, let a person bone KangRan MAO in 1155 AD, qin GUI died in their house, to die well,Really is, good life is not long, bad people left a thousand years!