How does traffic bank credit card brush card gold to use

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Swipe card gold can only be deducted above the prescribed amount of online payment transaction amount.1. Bank of Communications credit card holders need to download and log in to pay if they want to use the cash.Find the appropriate credit card payment in the relevant details page to achieve the deduction.The data will be deducted in real time after 3 days of consumption, after which the cardholder will see a payment on the credit card statement.2. Swipe gold is a kind of reward right given by bank credit card to cardholder.Only those who have the required credit card can enjoy it.The credit card money can not be withdrawn directly, but the credit card money can be used within a fixed period of validity and can be used in the region, etc., to deduct the relevant business payments of credit card transactions.3. The extension information: in fact, the credit card is a kind of commodity, credit is the bank lending cardholders a credit assets, spent is also, but the credit card has a certain grace period, can let the person that hold card within this grace period for free can use the amount of credit card, this is approximately equal to the drag can owe the bank the money to the difficult to drag again, and don’t need interest.