After the Spring Festival, my son went out to work. My mother hid in the corner and cried secretly. My daughter-in-law saw her only once a year

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“You raise me small, I accompany you old”, this is how many people’s good wishes, but in fact, parents raise their children, and how many children can really accompany their parents around?More often, parents are at this end, children at that end, looking at each other far away, worried about.Many people feel that raising a daughter is not reliable, because if the daughter marries far away, she will be born in vain, but the son will be able to accompany his parents?The answer is also no. It is also unknown whether the son can stay with his parents when he grows up and has his own job and family.”Traveling thousands of miles mother worry”, behind every wanderer on a long journey, there are parents concerned about the eyes, looking at the back of the child gradually go away, the heart is like being hollowed out, but also can not show loss, but also have to force a smile, only such as children go away, to silently cry.On February 11, a mother in Zhangzhou, Fujian province, watched her son and his family go out to work, hiding in a corner and secretly crying.They work 3,000km away in Xinjiang and are reunited only once a year, her daughter-in-law said.According to the daughter-in-law, her husband, a native of Fujian province, settled in Xinjiang after meeting her while working there.In fact, men are the same, where work, love is where, home is.Because the work is busy, because it is too far away from the parents’ home, so every year can only go back home to reunite once at the end of the year, and every time back, parents are happy to greet with a smile, and every time to leave, parents are very lost, mother even could not help but secretly shed tears.According to the daughter-in-law, the mother-in-law is a person who has worked for her children all her life, and all her focus is on the family and children.Every time I go home for the New Year, my mother-in-law is very happy and makes all kinds of delicious food for them for fear that they are cold and hungry.She returned home for the Spring Festival and stayed there for more than 20 days. Her parents were busy preparing food for them every day. They took their granddaughter around the village and introduced her to everyone they met as their granddaughter who had come back from Xinjiang.After the New Year, his family will go back to Xinjiang.A few days before leaving home, my mother-in-law appeared to be in a trance, forgetful and forgetful.In fact, every time I leave home, my mother-in-law is like this.This time, when the son and his family started the car to leave, the mother turned around and hid herself in the corner and wept secretly.She knew it would be a long year, and that they would see their son only a handful of times in the rest of their lives.Netizens saw, are also in tears, think of their parents, think of their own parents can not accompany side, empathy.Some netizens said: no matter how old the child, in the eyes of parents, is always a child, always have a care.Some users said: if you can, or often go home to see their parents, parents are old, the heart is also very lonely and helpless, hope their children accompany in the side.Some netizens think that “parents are here, not far away”, you can find a job near home, do not need too high income, as long as you can accompany the elderly and children.The most precious affection in the world is the affection between parents and children. Parents bring their children into this world, give them selfless love, pay for them without complaining, and only hope that their children can be happy.As children, we should accompany our parents as much as possible. When parents are old and in poor health, they need to be taken care of, need a sense of security and need the company of their children.However, when parents get old, there will inevitably be nagging. As children, they should learn to tolerate.The best way to get along with each other is not to live together when the parents are healthy and able to take care of themselves, but to live nearby and be able to see them at any time. It is obligatory for parents to take care of them, and this kind of companionship is the best.May every parent be gently treated by the world, may the time be slower, do not let parents so fast old, may every child in front of their parents filial piety.For more exciting content, pay attention to social anecdotes