Hebei old man caught a “turtle”, back inserted 4 arrows, the value of 1.8 billion, really so valuable?

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Chinese culture has a long history and has been passed on for five thousand years.There are numerous historical treasures buried in this land of China.Some of these relics have been discovered, studied and protected over time, while others are still waiting to be explored in unknown places.For the exploration of cultural relics, not only need certain information, but also need certain “chance”.Sometimes you may have consulted a lot of information, mobilized a lot of manpower and material resources, but you can’t find a single cultural relic. Sometimes you may accidentally come across a valuable cultural relic.For example, there was once an old man in Henan province who accidentally caught a bronze turtle with four arrows stuck in its back while fishing.The expert commented: “This rod is worth 1.8 billion?”What kind of “bronze turtle” can be so valuable, and what kind of history does this relic have?The story begins with the old man’s fishing.The old man from Henan province is neither a history buff nor a highly educated man. Instead, he is an old man whose family has been farming for generations.Like other farmers, the old man would kill time with his hobby when he was idle, and his hobby was fishing.On this day, the old man took his fishing rod and basket as usual and went to the river to fish.Originally just want to catch a few big fish to improve the food at home, but did not expect this time fishing has caught up a big enough to shock the world.The old man felt fish bite the bait soon after he set up the fishing rod.However, after several times of pulling the pole, there was no great harvest. Only a small fish was caught. The old man was kind enough to let the fish go.After waiting for a period of time, or no harvest, the old man started to go home, just at this time, the old man’s fishing rod again came shaking.The old man heart a happy, hurriedly stand up to pull the fishing rod.But as the old man pulled, he found that the fish was not simple, it must be a big fish, so he used all his strength and pulled suddenly, the “big fish” was pulled out of the water by the old man.The old man’s smile stopped as he looked at the fish with delight.This time he caught a bronze turtle, not a fish.When the old man looked carefully, he found that there were four arrows stuck in the bronze turtle’s back.Turtle in people’s consciousness, a symbol of longevity, so many people will buy turtle ornaments in the home, hoping to bring good luck, peace and longevity for the family.So.When the old man finished observing the big turtle, he wanted to take it home as a decoration.However, as the old man tried his best to carry the turtle home, the more he thought about it, the more wrong it became. The “turtle” looked very old and bronze. Could it be a cultural relic?Think of here, the old man hurriedly sent this turtle to the relevant department identification, did not expect, this bronze turtle, actually have a head.With the determination of experts, the bronze turtle caught by the old man should be named bronze Turtle.It should be from the late Period of Shang Dynasty, with a history of about 3,000 years. In addition, there are still characters engraved on the bronze turtle, which is rare in shang Dynasty relics. Moreover, as a beast bronze, it is also extremely rare in Shang Dynasty relics.The expert gave an introduction to the bronze islet, but the old man had no idea what the expert said. He asked the expert how much the bronze islet was worth.Hearing the old man’s question, the expert also understood the old man’s idea, so he said with a smile: “Your pole is really great. Conservative estimate, you have caught 1.8 billion yuan!”1.8 billion, this generation of farmers for the old man is an astronomical figure, he never dreamed that the day to acquire such a valuable object.Why is this bronze Islet so precious?It starts with the inscription on it.On this bronze islet, there are 30 Chinese characters engraved in total. In this short 30 Chinese characters, they tell a story about the King of Shang.According to the story on the bronze Islet, the King of Shang happened to see a turtle lying on the shore when he was hunting with his court officials.Turtle is similar to turtle in appearance, but it is fiercer than turtle and is more aggressive and capable of inflicting damage. Even a tiger is no match for turtle.When king Zhou saw the Turtle appear, he bent his bow and shot through the shell of the turtle. The shell of the turtle is as strong as the turtle.He was able to shoot through the shell of an islet, which not only proves his excellent archery skills, but also his great strength. Then he fired three more arrows to make up for it and finally killed the islet on the ground.When king Zhou and others returned to the palace, they handed the turtle to the historian and ordered him to record the incident in the annals of history.After receiving the order, the historian made a bronze islet based on the shape of the islet and engraved it on the bronze islet.In the Shang dynasty, there are only a few bronze statues made with animal images, each of which is worth millions of dollars. This bronze soft-shelled soft-shelled turtle is especially beautiful and unique.Moreover, the inscription on it provides important clues and directions for the historical research of the Shang Dynasty.Therefore, the estimate of 1.8 billion yuan given by the expert is just a conservative estimate. The value of the bronze islet is invaluable not only in terms of its own value, but also in terms of its value for the study of history.When the old man knew the value of the bronze Turtle, he was overjoyed.Then, without thinking too much, he decided to hand over the cultural relic to the country, and the old man’s family also supported this decision.It was a fortune for the old man to catch the bronze islet which was worth thousands of dollars. However, he was able to give it to his country, which proves the old man’s spirit of returning gold to his country.It is true that the Bronze islet is a great treasure for the old man, but its value to the country is even more immeasurable.Knowing this, the old man was able to hand over such a precious treasure to the state.