World of Warcraft: T6 group this easy, unreliable leader, more and more

2022-09-20 0 By

Now TBC nostalgic take everybody in world of warcraft t6 double this struggle, the two group of this difficulty is not high, for more professional friends, playing up is also very easy, but for general players, there is some difficulty, double the situation now is like this, seamounts lunch, in addition to playing a dozen can end the king, other basic is gratis, bossI can finish it in almost two hours, which should be very common.Then bt, for this group, a lot of players was very tired, although there are eggs knife, can eat pork ribs, but this is too long, at least need half a day to play, a bad situation encountered in jail then more miserable, is likely to waste the time of day to here, general team are very normal, a six hours sitting in front of the computer motionless,More tiring than working, that’s for sure.And now the head of wonderful work is also very much, before 5 describe sells egg knife of the thing, of course dear friends all must reform, some players think 5 describe a lot, you can also points a lot of g, why so serious, don’t really want to be a pure ribs, some players think that is wrong, after all, now just open version,Egg knife price is lower than the market price is too much, is the root of the leak, and the head is intentional, also calculate wool equipment, no matter how to explain, now we are playing gold group, must be the first interest, the group is to gold for equipment, someone calculated you, must be the other party’s problem, really there is no problem.Anyhow it is special case, there are still more exotic flower head, played before a group of seamounts, small make up think this is very simple, just open a small milk, literally to mix, didn’t expect to meet the head of a wonderful work ideas, into the team after listening to the colonel say oneself how professional, usually drink many said he didn’t drink much, truth is the same,Then the player began his magic command, people just group qi, all occupations are very perfect, there are two girls in the group, the head of this time is also very excited.After finished the old one, said need milk, interrupt the forty to wages, small make up to at this time, milk, so volume now, actually need forty interrupt, before g shoon do have this task, but it is TBC version, all sorts of game mechanics are different, the milk, now is the bestselling, unexpectedly to arrange such a difficult task, then,There are all kinds of people, and now the people who open the group are also all kinds of demons and ghosts. I don’t know which of your friends have seen more outrageous requirements for opening the group?