Spring he go | 10 years party standing at the grass-roots level, guarantee its 28th Spring Festival

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Yin Donghong is the director of the domestic baggage inquiry room of baiyun Airport Aviation service Branch. He is a Communist party member with 10 years of experience, and this year’s Spring Festival Travel rush is the 28th Spring Festival travel rush he has secured since he started working.”Party spirit in my heart, put into practice in my bank.”This is what Yun Dong-hong often says.Monitor of the eve of Spring Festival, Yin Donghong organization and business backbone, according to the daily service passengers found problems, reframe workflow, big to walk the route of the passenger, small to staff’s daily protection, all for a short video to use after the shift will organize employee to watch every day, reminding employees according to the rules of operation, eliminate safety hidden trouble.On weekdays, Yun dong-hong used to go to various security sites every day, write down what she saw and heard, and update the work process in time.During an inspection, he found that many passengers on key security flights were eager to take nucleic acid tests after getting off the plane, and often realized that their luggage had not been picked up until the test was over.In this case, passengers can only contact the baggage inquiry room through the security inspector at the exit of the arrival area, and deliver passengers’ luggage to the exit of the arrival area according to the baggage tag number or baggage style dictated by passengers, which increases the security pressure of employees.Yin Donghong immediately organized the business staff to sort out the process and compile relevant guidelines, and added small speakers to alert passengers at turntables no. 22 and 24 in the west Third arrival area. As a result, fewer and fewer luggage were stranded on the baggage turntable, and passengers’ travel experience was getting better and better.He true interpretation chunfeng service now at noon on January 25, 2022, aboard the flight from chongqing to guangzhou ms li alone with two kids claim your baggage at the wheel, when the Spring Festival period, arrival hall traffic is very big, Ms. Li worried about children, left hand holding a child, right hand is holding a, watched the luggage come out,Ms. Li’s face was worried.Yin Donghong, who was patrolling the guard, saw the situation and immediately asked if she needed help.Ms. Li embarrassedly say: “is really bother you, child his father back to not go to the Spring Festival, the children always yell to dad, want to see my father, had to bring them one, too much luggage, child into his dad don’t come, he is waiting for us exports, now I travel alone with two children, still carry not to live.”Knowing the situation, Yin Donghong patiently waited with Ms. Li in front of the baggage carousel for the luggage to come out. After picking up the luggage, Yin Donghong took the initiative to send them to the exit.Lee s husband rushed to yoon, who was carrying bags, and thanked her repeatedly. Yoon smiled and said, You are welcome. That is what we should do.During the Spring Festival travel period, the passenger flow and luggage volume increase. We take the initiative to check luggage number for passengers, help passengers to take their luggage, and patiently answer passengers’ questions, so that passengers can feel the infinite warmth of baiyun Airport spring Breeze service…These are not only Yin Donghong’s requirements for every employee of the line inspection room, but also his requirements for himself.In practical work, he is also playing a role model.He is the “big steward” in the eyes of the staff during the Spring Festival Travel rush. With the increase of flights, the work intensity of the staff is also increasing. However, whenever the staff misses the meal after the flight is guaranteed, the office will always prepare instant noodles, cakes and other food to warm the staff’s heart.He also gives a rare day off to employees with children so they can go home and be with their children.In daily conversations with employees, Yin Donghong is often asked whether she is not afraid of her family members’ opinions when she is on duty almost every day during the Spring Festival Travel rush.He smiled and said: “If we all take care of our small family, who will protect us? Since I am a Communist party member, I have to shoulder this responsibility.Our hard work in exchange for passengers safely home, this is worth the hard work, passengers a ‘thank you’ is the best blessing I received during the New Year.”Over the past 28 years, Yin Donghong has carried the responsibility on her shoulders, written her original aspiration and responsibility with her actions, and interpreted the spring breeze service of Baiyun Airport with her true feelings, making the red on her chest more shining.Li Yan, Qi Xumin, Mai Yunyao, Chen Lutu, Guangzhou Daily, New Huacheng, Li Yan, Airport Xuanguangzhou Daily, New Huacheng, Editor: Zhang Ying