0-2 and 6 in a row!They are 100% out of the World Cup, setting a record of three humiliations, worse than The National football team

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Beijing time on January 31, the world preliminary North American division of the 10th round of the comprehensive start, including a weak team duel between Honduras and El Salvador.Surprisingly, Honduras lost 2-0 after dominating the game, losing six straight qualifiers and 10 straight matches.Honduras continued to langue at the bottom of the table, becoming the first North American team to be 100% eliminated from the World Cup, four rounds ahead of schedule.Honduras has played in the World Cup three times, most recently in 2014.Honduras is currently ranked 76th in the world, two places lower than the National team.Honduras reached the final stage of the qualifying round but failed to win any of its matches.Against fellow underdogs El Salvador, Honduras dominated the match, holding 64 percent of the ball, scoring 18-10 shots and 5-3 on target, all three of them.But football is such a mystery that winning the numbers doesn’t mean winning the game.The 35th minute, Enrico – Hernandez through the ball, Bonilla played Honduras defender and goalkeeper, calm and pick up the ball, 0-1!The 92nd minute, massive pressure on the attack of Honduras again hit, Seren small Angle volley from the far corner, Honduras again lost 1 ball, 0-2 finish defeat.Honduras, 0-2, set a number of embarrassing and even humiliating records: First, Honduras suffered six consecutive losses in the world preliminary round, 10 consecutive rounds of defeat, is the only team without defeat in the North American division, no doubt ranked last.Second, Honduras lost to El Salvador in a preliminary round for the first time since 1993, its first defeat at home since 1969 and 53 years of humiliation.Third, thanks to panama’s victory, inside and out are 6 points, while Honduras is 14 points behind fourth place.Honduras was also eliminated with four rounds to go.After the match, Honduras coach Hernan Gomez stood on his hips and his players left the field covering their faces in frustration.According to We Global Football, after 10 rounds of North American qualifying, only one team was confirmed to be out of the World Cup: Honduras.Mathematically, Honduras is also a zero, while the National team is not completely out of the running.Of course, China needs to beat Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Oman in their next three games, and then expect Australia to lose three games in a row to have any hope of clinching third place in the group.Moreover, China is still 15 goals behind Australia, which means that even if they win nine points in the last three rounds, it is not certain.