Fidelity Lexus NX Plug-in hybrid live car Welcome to the store

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Lexus special tasting!Plug-in hybrid midsize luxury SUV, Lexus all-new NX400h+ is now available!”Enjoy” method without limits!Create a harmonious body proportion;The TAZUNA halter concept cockpit is introduced for the first time to create a comfortable atmosphere for drivers;New development of large capacity lithium battery pack;Equipped with Atkinson cycle engine, coordinated with strong permanent magnet synchronous motor, spurting outstanding power;Excellent pure electric range in comprehensive working conditions;New multimedia system;Enjoy 6 years 150,000km free warranty maintenance!Plug-in hybrid models also enjoy 8 years or 200,000 km *** three electric system (power battery, drive motor, motor controller) free warranty service, so that the worry of long-term companions!Reservation special line: 400-972-8680/0371-55550066 Invitation gift — Invited into the shop to enjoy the car test drive can give a beautiful gift;Introduction gift — old customers introduce new customers to buy a car to enjoy a Lexus bicycle.Upgrade gift — Toyota/Lexus owners to purchase and replace the maximum subsidy of 12000 YUAN;Green exclusive enjoy — buy UX300e enjoy 0 down payment 0 interest, 1-3 years salvage value guarantee.Address: South Gate of Henan Automobile Trade Center (Exit B of No.2 Subway Station, Jinda Road station), about 1km north of huayuan Road and Lianhuo Expressway, Zhengzhou city, From February 19, 2022 to February 20, 2022