Virtual Celebrity Boyfriend 6 (2)

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“Back to our own home, I have arranged before coming back, decoration style is your favorite.””Weren’t you afraid I had a boyfriend then?”I touched the doorknob and almost slid my palm along the bulbous handle. Fortunately, the door was locked backwards and did not open. “If it had, your house would have been ready for nothing.”He retrieved my hand and held it between the palms of his hands and carried it to the side of his face. The beating of his wrist touched the hot skin of his jaw. I tried to retrieve it, but I could not get it off.You looked at each other, and no one was distracted by any noise, even though the doors were crowded with people rushing in and out.”If so, you can have this house for your dowry.”He smiled and rubbed his fingers across the back of my hand, the palm of my hand resting on his face, a gesture that suddenly made it all real. “Even if you can’t be a couple, I want you to marry off gracefully. If someone else fails you, you’ll still have your own property and a home to go back to forever.””What did you do?”Such an arrangement did him no favours.I can not help but nose sour, palm touch warm, more arouse the heart sour.Still poised, his voice was quiet. “I’m going on alone. I won’t bother you, but if you need help, my brother will always be there.””Always on call, no complaints.”‘He added, taking my hand and letting it go.After saying this, he pulled the door out and put his hands back into his cotton-padded coat pocket very consciously.Walk a few steps ahead of me to the elevator and wait for me to enter.Before I could get out of the emotional atmosphere, he was already a changed man, chatting and joking with his colleagues.I secretly squeezed the back of his hand in the corner of the dark, thin skin clenched between his fingers, really thin.He is aware of something, quietly made a look, the fundus slightly sweet.And so out of the elevator, went to sell the Spring Festival Gala souvenirs in front of the showcase, he was in good spirits to coax: “small crying bag, quick click to choose a favorite, as a Gift for the Spring Festival.”He was standing slightly bent over me, his half-smiling eyes staring at me from above his mask.”What did you buy last year?”It’s his nature to buy a souvenir, not to mention one here, which makes it even more meaningful.He pointed out a pair of bowls and chopsticks in the square display case, the walls of the bowls are red, a symbol of good luck.”This, zodiac bowl.”He looked at me slightly sideways. “Last year was the year of the ox.I also follow him small bend a body to come down, slowly gather together go up carefully to look, return is really a lively tiger: “that this year continue to buy this.”My voice softened as I looked at him, as if preparing for the next words. “Think of it as housewarming joy.”He obviously didn’t react immediately. He looked slightly stunned, his index finger still resting on the gesture he had pointed to me.I burst into laughter, soon to his hand down, he woke up like, happy: “so tonight to move over, ok?””Well.””Brother, besides making a good movie, what else do you want to do for the New Year?”He blinked a little, pinched the edge of his cotton hat, and looked at the evening night outside the windscreen. “Of course, you must be healthy and safe.””Anything else?””Is there…Just do your best to meet the national target.He raised the corner of his lips, the eyes of the eyes were hidden.Give me a comparison of OK, except interlaced into a circle of thumb and index finger, the remaining is three fingers.Shook in front of my eyes, I almost blushed, really want to flee at the moment how far.”Brother!”Try, just try.”He laughed uncontrollably.(Ren Jialun see picture talk series is my original works, like you can collect and forward support, but prohibit copying and reprinting, thank you!Looking forward to your comments ~) To learn more exciting content, come to pay attention to 61 small police