Open to traffic soon!New progress made on this important bridge in Dongguan!

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Good news!The main part of Shatin Bridge has been completed and will soon be open to traffic.It is reported that during the Spring Festival (from today to the sixth day of the New Year), the shatin Bridge will temporarily open the non-motorway on the south side of the bridge, namely the road along the direction of Nansha Bridge in Dongguan Port for pedestrians to watch!Sha Tin Bridge to fly over the East River To the south through the town center and Nizhou Island magnificent Sha Tin Bridge itself is very spectacular stand on the bridge to see the scenery is also very beautiful bridge, river, harbor, island, village reflect each other since February 1, the Sha Tin Bridge temporarily open for pedestrians.Although it was raining in the first two days, it still attracted many citizens to take photos and punch the clock with a couple of friends. Some citizens also took their families and children to take a walk.A few decades ago, the only way to travel between Sha Tin and Lisha Island was by ferry.Today, the completion of the Shatin Bridge has not only broken through the traffic connection between the two places, but also realized the dream of many Shatin people in their childhood.In addition, the opening of the bridge will improve the efficiency of cross-straits commuting and optimize the business environment.Citizen: It’s a pleasure to walk across shatin Bridge in the New Year. We all come here for a walk in the early morning.After the opening of shatin Bridge, a pedestrian passage was also set up to facilitate access between the two sides.We went to the top of the bridge and looked at the view, and it was really beautiful.Citizen: I think after the completion of sha Tin Bridge, it will be much easier to go back to Lisha Island, because when I was a child it was very difficult to get to Sha Tin by ferry. Now I have realized my childhood dream.I hope Shatin will develop better and better!It is reported that the completion of sha Tin Bridge has greatly improved the efficiency of public transportation to Lai Sha Island.The journey from Shatian town to Lisha Island used to take about half an hour, but now it takes less than 10 minutes.The completion of sha Tin Bridge greatly facilitated the traffic between the two places.Citizen: I went to work in Lisha Island.It usually takes about 25 minutes to get to work on the expressway, but it will take about 10 minutes to get to work on the Shatin Bridge.I’m glad I got to work shorter hours and saved on high-speed fares.In addition, the bridge opened a regional link between Lisha Island and Sha Tin Town, boosting shatin’s economy.It is understood that the main part of shatin Bridge has been completed and will be officially opened to traffic.Sha tin bridge is across the eastern jiangnan branch, connection shatian district with the palatial chau island, sand island and an important channel, is China’s largest “cable back rest first” since the anchor span suspension bridge, a total length of 2.922 kilometers, the main span 320 meters from the anchor of suspension Bridges, ranked among the top domestic same type bridge span, bridge, use level of highway and city road standards, design of 60 kilometers per hour,Two-way 6 lanes, also set up a special pedestrian passage.After completion, the bridge will completely break the situation of scattered traffic in Sha Tin, strengthen internal connections in Sha Tin, facilitate the integrated construction of Sha Tin town, greatly enhance the regional advantages of Nizhou Island, and promote the construction pace of sha Tin large traffic network.Important note: Shatin Bridge is currently open to pedestrians only.We must pay attention to these things when watching the bridge: 1. Do not go over the railing, do not walk on the motor vehicle road, do not cross the temporary railing of the expansion joint position;2. The main bridge should not climb the cat path, and keep a safe distance of not less than 1 meter from the cat path;3. Control the number of walking visitors on the bridge, and the crowd shall pass at a uniform speed to avoid the uneven load caused by crowd concentration;4. Do not march in procession on the bridge, so as not to cause the bridge co-seismic phenomenon;5. Except for emergency vehicles, command vehicles and office vehicles in Nizhou Island, no other vehicles are allowed to pass through;6. Adults should take good care of children, do not climb, do not run around, civilized, orderly and safe walking visit.Dongguan partners look forward to the official opening of shatin Bridge!Source: Shatin, Dongguan