Meijin Energy was shortlisted in 2021 China Top 500 Non-state-owned enterprises

2022-09-18 0 By

On January 19, hurun Research Institute released the Hurun China top 500 2021, listing the top 500 non-state-owned enterprises in China.One of the headquarters in Taiyuan enterprise Meijin energy.China’s top 500 non-state-owned enterprises, ranked by their market capitalization or valuation.The market value of the listed company is calculated according to the closing price on November 19, 2021, while the valuation of the unlisted company refers to listed companies in the same industry or is estimated based on the latest round of financing.The hurun Report 2021 China Top 500 has raised its entry threshold by 9 billion yuan to 32 billion yuan.Tencent retained its title as China’s most valuable non-state-owned enterprise with 3.9 trillion yuan.The energy sector rose rapidly to become the second largest sector in the Fortune 500 by number of companies.Shanxi shortlisted two enterprises are in this industry.Among them, Meijin Energy ranked 200th with a value of 53 billion yuan.Meijin energy released the results of the forecast, expected in 2021 attributable to the shareholders of the listed company’s net profit of 2.5 billion yuan to 3 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 259.54% to 331.44%.Meijin Energy has now become one of the concept leaders of hydrogen energy, and is also one of the earliest a-share listed companies in hydrogen energy business.Taiyuan Daily news gathering center reporter he Baoguo