Louxing District Bureau of Statistics carried out investigation on basic standardization of statistics in towns, streets (parks)

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Loudi News (Correspondent He Xinyong he Juan) In order to further promote grassroots statistical infrastructure construction in townships, improve the level of statistical work in the district and improve the quality of statistical services, from March 25 to 31, Director zou Wenjie of Statistics Bureau of Louxing District led a team to carry out a survey on grassroots statistical infrastructure construction in the district.In-depth investigation and understanding of the basic information, personnel status, benefits and security, work tasks and personnel allocation, system construction, use of special funds and other contents of statistical functional institutions in 11 towns and townships, streets (parks) in the region.Findings into a line has thorough understanding of the villages and towns, streets and parks of grassroots statistical work, field view the statistical office space, office equipment and personnel, statistical parameter, basic statistics work, etc., and a research symposium, work report to directly face to face talk with statistical personnel at the grass-roots level,Seriously inquire about the status quo of grass-roots statistical functional institutions and personnel, as well as the tasks and difficulties in the work undertaken at present, listen to the opinions and suggestions on strengthening the basic work of statistics at the grass-roots level.Zou wenjie required that the provincial and municipal government should earnestly implement the work deployment of strengthening the basic statistical base, further improve the understanding, put the basic statistical infrastructure work in an important position to do a good job in the statistical work, and match the strength of grassroots statisticians to ensure the professionalism and stability of the statistical team;It is necessary to further improve the statistical ledger data, improve the level of grass-roots statistical work and the quality of source data, constantly improve the statistical service capacity, strengthen the construction of the team, strengthen the construction of the system, consolidate the responsibility of work, strengthen the cooperation between departments, to provide a strong guarantee for the smooth development of statistical work;We should give full play to our subjective initiative, make full use of our own advantages, integrate all resources, combine the prescribed action with the optional action, take the lead in the basic statistical infrastructure construction, give full play to each other, and constantly improve the statistical service level.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn