Harry has once again sparked outrage with his’ brainless advice ‘to the public.

2022-09-17 0 By

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, has accepted a job as chief impact officer for BetterUp after moving to the US.At a new campaign launched this month by BetterUp, which promotes mental health and provides counselling and stress relief services, harry talked about “how to self-care your burnout” and used his own example to offer advice.”Self-care” becomes very important when Harry claims to be one of those people who goes through a period of burnout where he feels like “all the fuel has been used up” and is forced to look at himself and feel like everything is against him.Harry recommends everyone take 45 minutes to meditate, exercise or go for a run before hitting the ground running, which he insists he does every day, even though he and Meghan have two children and he has asked his staff to do the same.However, harry’s proposal was immediately rejected and criticized by many people, who angrily denounced harry’s proposal as unrealistic because they were tired because they did not have free time.”He really needs to experience our lives,” wrote one user on the social media platform.”He should come and try my life and work 60 hours or more a week in a factory,” one user replied.”Does he really think self-regulation is the greatest need of ordinary people at a time when millions of people are facing rising fuel prices, inflation, higher taxes, job insecurity, etc.?He’s so out of touch, it’s pathetic.”Royal commentator Dominique Samuels went on to write: “Does Prince Harry realise how self-deceiving he sounds or flaunting the good life he has?The more he talks the more I want him to pursue what they call his’ private life ‘and shut up and leave us alone!”This is not the first time harry has come under fire for giving ‘mindless advice’. Last year, harry, who also spoke about mental health issues, claimed that ‘being unhappy at work is one of the biggest causes of people being negative’ and his solution was to quit.Harry stressed at the time that there was no shame in giving up his job because he felt under pressure, and proudly used the example of himself, saying he had suffered stress and suffering from working for the royal family and was now living a happier life away from it.During that time, however, many americans because of the outbreak problems plagued with the lack of stable work, many families because no stable source of income isn’t on loan, life without enough supplies, this leads to the outside world’s anger directly because harry’s proposal, a lot of people say “don’t know is what kind of mentality he uttered these words.”In the past, Harry had the most professional royal staff who vetted his manuscripts before he made public speeches and corrected anything that might have raised hackles, but now his true self has been revealed outside the palace.