Foreigners do not believe that the Winter Olympics technology can exceed Japan, see seven black science and technology, said to catch up with 30 years

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Beijing Winter Olympic Games is in full swing, China’s first appearance in the Winter Olympic Games or 42 years ago in the United States, these decades of wind and rain, China’s continuous curves overtaking.Countless great men, scientists and other investment in the construction of new China, so that the economy from zero development to today’s magnificent scene, all people admire unceasingly.China participated in the Winter Olympics for the first time, and many foreigners’ memories are still stuck in backward China. Foreigners have heated discussion online, and they are not optimistic about the Winter Olympics.They even said that China’s Olympic technology was far behind last year’s Tokyo Olympics, but after they saw the seven black technologies in the Winter Olympics, they were amazed and had to admit that China is ahead of the world in some aspects of technology.Let’s take a closer look at these seven technologies.The earliest broadcast of the Olympic Games came from the 1936 Berlin Games.At that time, Germany through the live broadcast of the fierce sports events, so that more than 100,000 people can feel the impact of the Olympic spirit without waving flags at the scene.For decades, the Games will be seen on all media platforms, but this year’s Winter Olympics in China drew lessons from other countries and brought a new experience to the world.At the forefront of new technologies, China has used 4K, 8K, VR, AR and other technologies to bring a better experience to live streaming.The 8K+5G live streaming van is the world’s most advanced and cleanest equipment, and several Committees in Beijing have provided technical support and guarantee.The retransmission technology of AR augmented reality will more truly restore the clarity of the scene and comprehensively demonstrate China’s technology and capability in ultra hd retransmission video.China Central Radio and Television has already started the rehearsal in advance a month ago, and will broadcast it from Feb. 4 to Feb. 20 for a total of 17 days, with a total of more than 90 shows.Not only that, the full range of VR technology will show the situation of the field without dead Angle 360 degrees, and track the high-speed athletes, so that the audience can clearly understand the condition of the athletes in real time.VSS technology is an important part of leading social development, which enables human beings to continuously achieve new achievements and explore more unknowns.VSS technology is one of the representatives of advanced technology.VSS full name digital Twin Stadium simulation system.For this event, the venue and audience seats need to be carefully designed, and the most important thing is the camera, which needs to reasonably display all the states of athletes’ performance. After all, this game is presented to the audience all over the world, so it is natural to do everything right.So Intel and its partners built a digital simulation system.This system restores every corner of the venue through modeling, which is convenient for designers to carry out various operations on space design, item placement, crowd management and life details.Offline, the epidemic is still rampant abroad. In order to ensure that everyone can watch the games reasonably, the simulation system can complete the planning of venues with higher efficiency.Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most frequently mentioned words of our time. It is also an important bellwether for the progress and development of human society in the coming decades.In our daily life, we can also see many cases related to artificial intelligence.AI sign language anchors, such as reading and inquiring robots in libraries and voice robots in mobile phones, are widely used in our lives.In China, where all viewers are treated equally, CCTV has launched its first AI anchor to ensure that people with disabilities have a better viewing experience, tracking and interpreting the entire event so that viewers don’t miss any highlights.One of the most important parts of the Olympic Games is the torch relay, a blazing flame that is passed from hand to hand, symbolizing the torch and the hope that lives on.There are also new changes to the Olympic flame.In order to continue the tradition of green concept in the world, Sinopec makes the torch shell composed of carbon fiber composite materials.The shape fits the theme of the Olympic Games — flying, with moire as the background, the shape of the torch is smooth, using gradual snowflake pattern, simple but elegant atmosphere, like a fluttering red ribbon.Carbon fiber composite material although the weight of carbon fiber is less than one fourth of steel, but its hardness is more than six times that of steel, lightweight quality and endurance practical, and in the process of transmission may greatly reduce the cold touch.The shell of the torch is also painted to withstand high temperatures for high safety.Since Beijing has three sports divisions, a special train has been built to pick up and drop off athletes in order to shorten the time it takes to travel between the divisions.The Winter Olympics will be green and energy efficient, so the train will welcome the athletes using environmentally friendly technologies, decomposable materials, natural resource air purification equipment and other waste and recycling materials to create a green headspace.The green system not only enhances the use of comfort, but also reduces the resistance of the train.The theme of the train’s appearance is auspicious snow welcoming spring, which greatly highlights the theme of the Winter Olympics and the good wishes for the Games.The most surprising thing about the winter Olympic train is that it not only continues the fuxing’s intelligent service, but also adds driverless functions.That is to say, the running of the train will be completely intelligent. In order to make athletes understand the performance of the race in a better way, China Unicom and High-speed Railway are working together to build high-speed railway +8K+5G technology to ensure that the live broadcast will not be interrupted or stalled.Driverless cars are being used to transport athletes to and from the Winter Olympics in an effort to reduce the widespread spread of an epidemic.Driverless cars at the Winter Olympics are getting a lot of attention because they hit and injured a disabled athlete at the Tokyo Olympics.China has never been unprepared for a battle, so it has done it best after learning from various experiences.To enhance safety measures, self-driving cars are equipped with 5G drivers, who can control the car to achieve maximum safety.High-tech equipment, including stats curling, down jackets and beds, not only maximizes the experience, but also reflects China’s attitude toward foreign guests.There is no shortage of dark technology at the Winter Olympics in China, each of which perfectly showcases China’s speed and capabilities, providing an ultimate experience for foreign guests.Outside media outlets for the Beijing Winter Olympics were also ashamed of their hubris, saying it would take at least 30 years to outdo such equipment.I am very proud of China. Congratulations on the success of the Winter Olympics!