Travel on holiday to epidemic prevention, these warnings need to pay attention to

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The Spring Festival is a peak time for people to travel.How can you travel safely during the Spring Festival?How will local governments ensure that tourists enjoy a happy, peaceful and safe Spring Festival holiday according to the precise prevention and control requirements?Yu Changguo, deputy director of the Department of Market Management of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said that the Ministry attaches great importance to epidemic prevention and control, and has made arrangements for epidemic prevention and control and work safety, requiring travel agencies, scenic spots and indoor venues to focus on prevention and control measures, including two aspects.Is a strict enforcement of travel agencies and online travel companies may engage in the entry and exit and “tickets + hotel” team tourism business, strictly enforced across the province “fuse” tourism business management mechanism, the suspension travel train business, suspension travel agencies and online travel business travel in and out of the land border port cities across the province team and “tickets + hotel”.Second, scenic spots, theaters, museums, art galleries, public libraries, cultural centers (stations), Internet cafes, KTV and other cultural and entertainment venues, in accordance with the new guidelines on epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement the opening requirements of “limited limits, reservations and staggered peaks”, control the upper limit of personnel reception, and continuously promote the ticket reservation system;The implementation of health code checks, temperature measurement, standard wear masks and other prevention and control measures;Do a good job of ventilation, cleaning and disinfection;Strengthen health monitoring and management of employees to prevent employees from working with illness;We will improve contingency plans, work mechanisms, strengthen emergency drills, improve the level of emergency response, and properly handle abnormal situations.Yu Changguo reminded that the Spring Festival holiday travel should pay attention to personal protection, advocating the appointment of off-peak travel.Abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, wear masks, wash hands frequently, gather less, and develop the good habit of “one meter noodle”.If you have a cold or fever, stop visiting and seek medical advice immediately.Raise awareness of prevention, do safe travel.Enhance civilization consciousness, healthy and green travel.Material source: Xinhua viewpoint responsible editor: Small yue