From today, workers to Quanzhou free tour

2022-09-16 0 By

Fujian Daily · New Fujian client On January 28 (reporter Huang Qiongfen) in order to let migrant workers stay Spring Festival in Quanzhou to live a happy, festive Spring Festival, help improve the quality of life of workers,Quanzhou Federation of Trade Unions, Quanzhou Culture and Tourism Bureau, Quanzhou Citizens’ Bureau and Qingyuan Mountain Scenic And Historic Area Management Committee jointly launched a free trip to Quanzhou for migrant workers during the 2022 Spring Festival, which officially starts today.From January 28, 2022 to February 16, 2022, non-Quanzhou employees working in Quanzhou can visit qingyuan Mountain Scenic Area (Qingyuan Mountain main scenic spot, Lingshan Scenic Spot), Qingjing Temple and other scenic spots under the jurisdiction of relevant departments of Quanzhou city for free with their id cards and trade union membership cards (or trade union introduction letters).And counties (cities, districts) within the jurisdiction of the “free tour” scenic spots (points).In order to prevent and control the epidemic, all “free travel” scenic spots will implement epidemic prevention and protection measures in accordance with the requirements of “special channels, special personnel for registration and special personnel for verification” to ensure the safe and orderly implementation of activities.It is reported that since the launch of the first free travel activity for migrant workers in Quanzhou in 2006, this activity has accompanied more than 2 million people to stay for the Spring Festival employees spent 16 Spring Festival, so that the majority of migrant workers to feel the cultural characteristics of Quanzhou, enhance the sense of belonging and happiness of workers, cohesion of workers actively into the “second hometown”.Source: Fujian Daily · New Fujian app