Fenghua Jine village “digital” outline a new rural pattern

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The flowers and trees for sale are attached with “digital ID cards”.(Yu Jianwen photo) reporter Yu Jianwen Fenghua district Party committee report group Yan Shijun first month on the third day, drizzle, the reporter walked into fenghua Xiwu street Jin ‘e village.Village stream gurgling, green water embrace the cottage, mountain road on both sides of a cluster of plum blossom, tea plum open is yan, from time to time tourists drive to the village to enjoy the scenery play.Jine village “wuju Wusu” boutique b&B director Huang Qin said that from New Year’s Eve to the fifth day of the first month, b&B’s 28 rooms are basically booked, guests mainly from Ningbo urban areas and Shanghai, “a few days ago, the village installed a new ‘digital door’, tourists as long as sweep the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, you can navigate to our b&B, very convenient.”Jine village is ningbo famous flowers and trees village, the national civilized village, the village of more than 400 families plant flowers and trees, “green bank on the mountain, villa into the mountain”.Late last year, fenghua Jin E village built the first digital village, the use of information technology, the whole village was incorporated into the huge digital map, each home equipped with a “digital house”, as long as a mobile phone, not only the layout of the village, scenic spots, such as characteristic property take in everything in a glance, the villagers also can be connected to the nail “zhejiang”,Enjoy a variety of convenient services such as online service and life payment.”Farmers in Allah are also living a digital life,” said ying Herong, a villager.In recent years, Jin ‘e village has been committed to the integration of agriculture and tourism, the original extensive management of flowers and trees industry to boutique seedlings, courtyard economy.”We want to use digital means such as’ digital door plate ‘and’ One-click Jine ‘mini program to stimulate rural ecological tourism, raise the popularity of huamu village out of the new development road.”Village party branch secretary Zhou Kangjian said.Spring Festival holiday, despite the bad weather, the reporter saw that last year’s newly built Jin ‘e village agricultural park still attracted many tourists.There are more than 500 kinds of trees and flowers in the park. Japanese courtyards, English gardens, Chinese gardens and rocks and streams are exquisitely matched. It is very beautiful, just like walking into a small flower fair.On both sides of jine village road, as well as the farm yard, agricultural park, many fine flowers and trees for sale hang a “digital ID card”, visitors scan the code small program or enter the online Jine Nong Museum, you can understand the varieties of flowers and trees, prices and other information, easy online orders.”Digitization opened new channels of flower and wood marketing, quite fresh.”Zhou Kaiyuan, deputy secretary of the village Party branch, said that the village has carried out targeted training for many times, and villagers have gradually felt the benefits of online sales of flowers and trees, and their enthusiasm for participation is getting higher and higher.Jin ‘e village also “digital village” antenna extended to rural management.On the large digital screen at the entrance of the village, a number of information such as rural industries, the number of tourists, public services and garbage classification are updated from time to time.Zhou kangjian said: “The village projects, which work is not good, can use the numbers to ‘speak’, villagers can understand, more actively participate in the village construction, share the fruits of development.”Rain jin Eshan cloud wreathed, more add a soft beauty.Zhou Kangjian said, Jine village has built camping base, “Artemisia no. 1″ restaurant, tourism station and other supporting facilities, last year the village expanded the parking lot, enhance the village appearance, and the former 203 provincial road phase project completed, avenue directly to the village entrance, the village tourism environment further optimization.”This year we want to put the ‘digital’ measures and rural construction in-depth integration, to create an upgraded version of ecological Jine, promote industrial upgrading, drive villagers to increase income and get rich”.