On the fifth day of the first month, “break five Festival”, remember to eat 3, send away poverty, wish you everything goes well in the New Year

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Guide language: the fifth day of the first month “break five festival”, remember to eat 3, send away poverty, wish you a smooth year.”Break five” the fifth day, eat what is exquisite, remember to eat three, days off poverty more prosperous lunar New Year as a traditional Chinese the most solemn festival, folk celebrations and supplication activities, generally is that people will expect all of next year a better life into the traditional activities, handed down in, for the auspicious good heat things, people are always very happy to do.The fifth day of the first lunar month, for example, is also called “Po Wu Festival”, meaning that many taboos of the previous days come to an end.At the same time, it is also the day to send away the “poor”, so there is a saying “send the poor out”.Many businesses will choose to open business in this same, pray for a year’s revenue.Remember to give your family the following three traditional foods to send away poverty and make your life more prosperous throughout the year.Eating jiaozi in the first lunar month means “to get ingot”, and eating jiaozi on the fifth lunar month means to send away poverty and make money in the New Year.Recipe name: Preparation materials: 100 grams of leek, 100 grams of horseshoe, 100 grams of corn, 1 carrot, 2 eggs, 500 grams of dumpling skin 1.First the leek, horseshoe, corn, carrots all washed into small pieces, eggs stir into the pot after fried frangipani, a little air, and then pour into the bowl, doused in a little cooking oil, put salt, mix all the ingredients evenly.2. Then there are dumplings. This time, I bought ready-made dumpling skins, which were rolled out with starch and flour, and were slightly thick.Good packaging can be divided into two ways to eat, a steaming and boiling, steaming attention to brush a little oil on the steaming curtain to prevent sticking, take down one will not break oh, when boiling can add a little salt to the water first, and then under the dumplings, can make the dumpling skin more toughness is not easy to cook paste.twoEight treasures of rice: Eating eight treasures of rice on “Breaking five” means driving away poverty and making the New Year auspicious and safe.Preparation materials: 200g glutinous rice, 100g japonica rice, peas, red beans, corn, sausage, scallion amount 1.This laba rice to glutinous rice and beans, and the two ingredients are must be soaked in advance, I like night will give it water soak, wait for 2 days before cooking, can bubble of big, enough moisture absorption easier to cook, cut sweet corn, corn JiGen pea is presently strip, some sold on the market, eight yuan a catty of half-decent price,Just buy two or three yuan.If you want to enjoy this sausage rice, it is best to use jiangmen sausage with sweet flavor. The combination of sweet and salty is extremely appetizing.2. Wash all the ingredients and dry them. Put a little cooking oil into the wok, then pour the ingredients into the wok, add salt, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce and oyster sauce and season them evenly.3. Next, transfer all the ingredients to the electric rice cooker, pour in the water level with the ingredients, cover the lid and press the cook button.When the time is up, open the lid and don’t smell too strong. Sprinkle with scallions and scatter. Then serve.3.Rice cake: “Break five” eating rice cake means to send the poor out, the New Year work and study step by step.Ingredients: 400 grams of rice cake, 100 grams of cabbage, 3 eggs, carrots, Onions and ginger 1.If the rice cakes are not cooked immediately after purchase, be sure to separate them one by one, or they will stick together after cooling. Then cut them into strips for later use. The width of the strips is optional.2. The following is the deal with side dishes, rinse cabbage cut into small sections, the eggs into a bowl, add a spoonful of rice wine stir well, add cooking wine can make eggs to xing increase fresh, also can make Fried eggs in the process of the taste more tender, frying pan boiling water, after water to boil the rice cake first poured into the pot boiled soft, about need to cook for 3 minutes or so, 3.Another dish up burning oil, pour egg Fried to finalize the design, at the bottom of the stroke is scrambled into frangipani quickly, with chopsticks and then add onion ginger, pour into Chinese cabbage and carrot to break, this time you can put the rice cake control inside the drain pan, two pot operation at the same time, is to save time, 10 minutes can fix.The next step is to season, add salt, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, pepper and mix well, finally sprinkle with chopped green onion and mix well again.Thank you for watching @Yueyue’s delicious food gathering, healthy collocation, home cooking carefully delicious!Welcome to pay attention to, like, collect, forward, your support is the biggest encouragement to Yueyue!May God bless you!