How to become disciplined?

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To put it simply, self-discipline is mainly to do two things. On the one hand, self-discipline is to urge oneself to insist on doing positive things, such as cherish time.On the other hand, they should restrain themselves from what they do, such as quitting smoking, drinking and online games.As for the original intention of self-discipline, although there are active and passive, but the whole will be very clear, that is to gain greater benefits or freedom through self-discipline. Indeed, when self-discipline reaches a certain level, you will truly understand what is called the more self-discipline, the more freedom.First, fully understand what needs to be adhered to or restrained and the purpose of self-discipline.Whether you push yourself to do something positive, or restrain yourself from doing something negative, make it clear to yourself why you are doing it.What are the benefits of this?The clearer and more thorough the understanding, the smaller the rejection response of self-discipline, must not be self-discipline for the sake of self-discipline, otherwise, such self-discipline itself is worthless.Self-discipline is not simply to force or forbid, whether it is for the positive things that need to be adhered to or the opposite things that need to be restrained;It takes personal discipline, both to know what it is and why it is, so that when you discipline yourself, you don’t feel too painful or reject too strongly.For example, after fully understanding the harm of smoking and the benefits of quitting smoking, especially after personally feeling the change for the better after a period of quitting smoking, you may ask him to smoke and he will not smoke. Therefore, the first premise for the formation of self-discipline is to understand why you do so?What are the benefits of this?What kind of personality do I have?How should I do it?Second, understand the limitations of personal self-discipline.Some natural self-control and self-discipline is strong, some are the opposite, and each person to break the discipline or unable to insist on the cause of the self-discipline is often different, some people may themselves have no definite view, such as smoking, it is necessary to listen to other people to give up smoking these days, began to ring, see others think it is not necessary to quit in a few days, didn’t make much difference to the body does not give up;Some people may be very rebellious, the more deliberately not to do, the more you want to do, do not do are anxious not to do, for example, control emotions this matter, often want to control, the next outbreak may be more violent!For self-discipline, the difficulty of each person’s postgraduate entrance examination is not quite the same, so the way to use varies from person to person. For example, to get rid of children’s Internet addiction, professional institutions will also make different correction plans according to the different characteristics and severity of children.Vary from person to person, the effect is the best way to achieve the effect of self-discipline.Third, develop feasible self-regulation programs.For example, if you are a we-media creator, you demand daily updates.Self-disciplined solutions include: Why update every day?Update what?What are the criteria for effective updating?What do you want?For how long?How to persist?How do I reward myself for achieving stage or overall achievement?If violate rules how to punish oneself etc.The more detailed and specific the self-discipline plan made by individuals, the higher the enforceability, but do not be too strict with yourself, almost a saint’s standard, which no one can do, naturally there is no significance to adhere to or self-discipline.The self-discipline in the early stage can be relatively easy. For example, we media business enthusiasts insist on updating an article every day, which is purely original and over 300 words, and does not require quality in the first month.Under normal circumstances, pure original 300 words also takes 10 minutes.No matter how busy and tired, there is always some time.On the contrary, the requirements of 3000 words a day, academic, but also pure original, which is estimated that even professors can not do, even if it is done, most of the probability is words piled up, the quality of a mess, completely meaningless.Fourth, implement the plan.The program is perfect again, not landing or 0, landing sloppy, the effect will be greatly reduced.As for how to ensure qualified landing, vary from person to person, some people like to secretly make efforts, some people like the supervision of friends, are not important, the important thing is to stick to it.In fact, often those who do a good plan, the landing ability is worse, which is also like those who say that the more beautiful people tend to do not work.How to break?If you have to discipline yourself, you have to land. Let’s start with the self-discipline program.Fifth, reward yourself periodically.For self-discipline, the visual effect of successful stage can often motivate oneself to keep on. For example, for those who force themselves to lose weight, everyone must have a scale, and they need to measure it several times a day. The benign change of the number is really a great motivation to keep on.For example, force yourself to save money, insist on half a year, you can take out the money, let yourself see the effect of persistence.Achieving periodic goals is the best reward!Sixth, internalize self-discipline as a habit or lifestyle.All lack of self-discipline is cognitive deficiency or highly limited. After all, cognition determines judgment.After the cognitive upgrade, the things that need to take care of themselves will become a habit or a way of life, so that there is no need for constraint or compulsion.