Ambitious men, no money, no connections, eat four kinds of “bitter”, it is not difficult to achieve success

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“Eat bitter, bitter, people”, for men, poor is not terrible, as long as you work hard enough, so, in the future, you will thank now desperately own;Can endure hardship is also skill, through all the bitter, in order to live out the appearance you want.To be specific, an ambitious man, no money no contacts, eat the following four “bitter”, even if very poor, turn over will not be too difficult, sooner or later can fly the apprentice, do not believe.One, eat to be calculated and hurt by the “bitter”.The society is complex, the human heart is unfathomable, the human nature also has the ugly side.As a man, in order to stand up, in the process, it is inevitable to deal with all kinds of people, because all aspects, especially the conflict of interests, will inevitably be calculated by the people, even if careful precautions, can not be avoided, it is likely to suffer losses in interests, hurt in feelings.In the face of this kind of “suffering” that is calculated and hurt by people, what a man should do is to endure it, endure it, and absorb experience and lessons, a fall into the pit and a gain of wisdom.Two, eat away from home of the acacia “bitter”.”Alone in a strange land for a stranger, every festival times miss relatives”, no money and no connections of men, in order to get rid of poverty, in order to be able to turn over a man, often leave home to struggle outside.For the men who struggle outside, the bitterness of life, the bitterness of work, and other hardships, most of them can bear down, but for their hometown and family, the bitterness of lovesickness, it is a lot of men can hardly bear.However, if a man wants to really turn over, he must also eat this kind of suffering, and turn it into a driving force for hard work, strive for early success, good clothes and fragrance, return to his hometown in honor, rather than give up halfway, because he can not eat this kind of suffering and choose to go back home early, lead a mediocre life.Three, eat helpless “bitter”.When a man is poor, no one can respect him, and no one is willing to talk to him. Sometimes, even his relatives may be angry with him. It can be said that he is truly helpless and very lonely and painful in his heart.Not only that, when a man is poor, it is easy to feel the malice of the people around him, all kinds of cynicism, falling down when he is down is very likely.In the face of this kind of helpless “suffering”, as a man, must also endure down, with desperate efforts to constantly improve and strong themselves, savings strength, seize the opportunity, for an early turn, so that those who love you now, the future can not afford to you!When a man is poor and down and out, if he wants to turn over, no matter what he does, he must eat the bitterness of his work.Especially in the workplace, do not believe in crying and tears, only believe that hard, and is desperately hard, in the face of setbacks, blows and failures on the job, no matter how bitter and tired, to tenaciously stand down, endure the past.The so-called, do not experience wind and rain, how to see the rainbow, do not go through all the bitter, how can you live out the appearance you want.So, as a man, must be able to endure hardship, especially in no money no contacts of time, must pay double efforts, so, again poor, also can turn over, in the future you will also thank now desperately own.For the purpose of this article, in addition to the above four points, I recommend two classic positive books for you. They are “You in the future will thank you for your hard work now” and “Survive all the hardships and live the way you want”.”In the future, you will thank yourself now desperately” is a good book to give people strength, promote people to struggle.”Every successful person,” the book notes, “has had a period of silence.Only by enduring the silence of loneliness, loneliness and hard work can we taste the sweetness of success.””I work so hard because I don’t want to despise myself when I get older!”This is the moving sentiment of many readers after reading this book, and I’m sure you will feel the same way after reading it.”Through all the pain, live ChengXiang to look” is a book I personally participate in and planning, the author is a legend of the scholars, such as Peking University and National People’s Congress on for many years, recorded in the book the author own north drift, read to have empathy, is very touching, also very motivating, everyone can see his shadow, it is highly recommended to everyone here.For more exciting content, come to the full interpretation of the wisdom of life