After the guy lost his phone, he searched wifi to find it. How did he do it?Tell you how to do it

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Yesterday, a “kid threw the phone from house to house search wifi back” after rushed into hot news, news characters in shopping when he, the mobile phone is lost due to the positioning and lost is lost before mobile phones set mode, the lost mobile phone in the shutdown more in the future, a boot, he immediately received a message to remind, and through the message on the phone’s location, and even the wifi,With the help of the police, the lost mobile phone was found.It was also mentioned that my huawei P50 Pro that I just bought was also picked up and turned off. Fortunately, I also turned on the lost mode and finally found it through positioning and wifi.When he called the police and asked the police, he was denied. The owner of the mobile phone made the phone ring by searching the function of the mobile phone and successfully recovered his mobile phone.A lot of people are wondering, how is this done?Today long uncle to tell you in detail, I hope everyone does not need this function, but be prepared, if the mobile phone accidentally lost, we can also be found through this method.First of all, we have to turn on the function of the phone in advance. This function is recommended to turn on the new phone immediately, just in case. If it has not been turned on, it is recommended to turn on the phone after reading the article.Now take Huawei P30 Pro as an example to tell you how to start.Click on the phone’s –.Then turn both on and off, and you’re set.If your mobile phone is lost accidentally, you can check the specific location of your lost mobile phone through the computer or other mobile phones. The address will be detailed to which community it is in. At the same time, once the mobile phone is connected to wifi, the specific wifi name will be displayed.How should check specifically?First, open huawei Cloud Space Network, as shown in the following figure.Then enter your Huawei account and password as prompted.You will see the following screen, click Find Device.Then you can see the detailed location of your mobile phone. As long uncle mentioned, the address will be detailed to which community your mobile phone is in. In addition, it will also show the wifi that your mobile phone is connected to.What if the other side does not accept?You can see that there is a button on the interface, click to play the ringtone, the mobile phone will ring, you can follow the ringtone to find your mobile phone, in addition, when the other party holds your mobile phone in his hand but denies, you can also prove that your mobile phone is your mobile phone through this method, to see he is not embarrassed.Of course, do not rush to a person to theory, for their own safety, and the protagonist in the news, in the lock where the specific alarm processing.In addition, if the mobile phone is stolen or picked up and taken away from the city or even the province, it is too far to bother to chase, but there are countless of our private information in the mobile phone, it is always a security risk?There is a button above, click the option, you can wipe the data on the phone, to avoid our privacy information disclosure.Not only Huawei, mobile phones of all brands basically have this function, and the setting method is almost the same, generally can be turned on in the mobile phone Settings.To give our phones a little extra protection, go ahead and turn it on.Of course, the most important thing is to take care of our mobile phones, so that the bad guys do not have a chance to win.