Since February 22, a total of 961 locally confirmed cases in Shandong have been cured and discharged from hospital

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What is the overall situation of medical treatment and vaccination in Shandong province?Mou Shanyong, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Health Commission, answers journalists’ questions at a press conference held by shandong Provincial government information Office on April 4, 2017.MouShanYong is introduced, in terms of medical treatment, strictly implement the “focus on patients, experts, gather resources, concentrated treatment” of the “four focus on” the principle, organization as a whole medical treatment expert, adhere to the combination of Chinese and western medicine, adopt hierarchical classification, the precise treatment strategy, differentiate diagnosis classification, basic diseases, risk factors, etc., to provide patients with treatment work.Through effective, orderly and scientific prevention and control, the treatment effect in all regions has continued to improve.As of 24:00 On April 3, there were 411 locally confirmed cases and 1,857 asymptomatic cases in The province.Of the locally confirmed cases, 362 are mild and 49 are common, with no severe or critical cases.Among the confirmed cases, mild cases accounted for 88%, and ordinary cases accounted for 12%.On April 3, 49 local confirmed cases had been cured and discharged from hospital, while 129 asymptomatic cases had been released from medical observation.Since February 22, a total of 961 locally confirmed cases have been discharged from hospital after recovery, and 1,575 asymptomatic cases have been released from medical observation.In terms of vaccination, Shandong has carried out novel coronavirus vaccination in an orderly manner in different regions and age groups in accordance with the principle of “receiving coronavirus vaccine at all levels, advancing it step by step, giving priority to key areas and ensuring safety”. Vaccination work has been steadily progressing.As of 24:00 on April 3, a total of 247 million novel coronavirus vaccines had been administered in the province, covering 93,462,700 people and 91,751 people had completed the whole course of vaccination.The vaccination rate of the population aged 3 and above reached 95.10%, and the whole-course vaccination rate reached 93.33%. The whole-course vaccination rate of the whole population reached 92.06%, and the whole-course vaccination rate reached 90.35%.Enhanced immunization with novel coronavirus vaccine has covered 59.67 million people in The province, accounting for 85.68% of the total number of people aged 18 and above who have completed full vaccination by the end of September 2021.Among them, 89.25% of the elderly aged 60 and above in the province received vaccination, and 82.86% of the elderly aged 60 and above had completed enhanced immunization.Going forward, we will continue to take people’s health as the central task, focus on science and precision, do our best to treat patients and accelerate vaccination.We hereby appeal to all eligible personnel, especially the elderly and those with underlying diseases, to take the initiative to vaccinate in time to increase the safety of their own health.New Yellow River client reporter: Sun Zhenzhen editor: Sun Feifei more content please pay attention to the new Yellow River client.Search “New Yellow River” in app store, download and install.The new Yellow River flows with The Times!