Good party members lead villagers to do practical work

2022-09-13 0 By

In recent days, the continuous snow, roads and trails snow, snow, rain and snow weather for the mountain traffic and people travel brought difficulties.In order to ensure the smooth traffic roads and the safety of people’s travel, Xieya village, Zaojiao Town, Qinzhou District took the snow as the order and organized villagers to clear the snow on the road as soon as possible to facilitate people’s travel.In the cold wind, the party cadres and the masses in the fluttering party flag to carry forward the spirit of hard-working, selfless dedication, they are full of energy, busy figure constituted a beautiful scenery.Villagers from home with shovels, brooms and other tools, under the unified command of the village cadres, the snow on the village road to clean.Everyone courageously competed for the lead, closely cooperated with each other, pushing and shoveling each other, and soon cleared the snow on the road, opening up a wide and clean road for people to travel.The geographical location of Xie Ya village is special, and there are many sections of sharp bends and steep slopes in the village. In order for the masses to travel safely, every rain and snow weather, the villagers will be organized to clean in time, and praise for good party members and cadres!”Doing practical things for the masses” will never end, only a new starting point!