Beginning: In my death cycle, what about my cat?

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Wish my cat would stay with me forever?Recently, a TV drama was wildly popular on the screen. I was afraid of entering the cycle when I took the bus. When I saw the pressure cooker, I suspected there was a bomb inside.It all comes from an infinite stream of mystery TV series called The Beginning.The first broadcast, the plot is too top!Couldn’t help but watch 5 episodes in one night until I saw Lou The Apostle of cats asthma Conqueror The Chosen One of light Flute.Luddy, a two-dimensional teenager who believes in the cycle of time and wants to save the world.Is also a cat rescue many times, the self-styled code name “cat apostle” cat love two boy.He has loved cats since he was a child, but his parents banned him from keeping cats for fear that their fur might cause asthma.Whenever he had one, his mother would throw one away.It wasn’t until he grew up and worked that he was able to secretly rent a house and adopt the cat.In order to keep the cat from being discovered by his parents, he was so careful that he had to clean the cat’s hair with a binder after each stroke.02 On the day of the bus explosion, Ludi, a cat lover, picked up a kitten.As he prepares to take the bus to the pet store with the cat in a bag, he meets a couple going through cycles.In this cycle, the hero and heroine are looking for the carrier of the bomb, and Ludi looks nervous protecting the backpack, naturally became their first verification object.During the verification process, the couple tried to open Rudi’s backpack to check, rudi desperately protect the backpack and never let go, even when he had an asthma attack.Ps: Because cats can’t get on buses for fear of being found.In the middle of the tear, the Canon sounds, the car explodes, and the cycle begins again.Once again, ruddy’s bag was opened, the cat panicked and ran away. Ruddy was so worried that he swore.Fortunately, the cat was finally found and the misunderstanding was resolved.After 03, the three arrive at Ludi’s secret cat base.As soon as ruddy entered the house, his cat personality was completely exposed. He immediately kissed the cat and excitedly shared his experiences of saving cats and raising cats with the host and hostess.When the plot pushes him to the point where he believes he can save the world by entering a time loop, he asks the cat owner a devastating question: “What happens to my cat when I die?”I was stunned to see this for a long time, because I didn’t know what would happen to my cat if I wasn’t here one day.At the same time, I also noticed that there are many people in danmu, asking what should I do if my parents don’t allow me to keep a cat?Here are some suggestions: 1) Don’t take your cat home without permission.If the parents do not accept, it will be very troublesome!Arguments, where to keep the cat?2) Do what you can.To make judgments based on their condition, like Ruddy has asthma and so on.3) A cat must be discussed with your parents!(Most importantly) don’t believe in “Mom and Dad don’t like cats, so take the cat home and the cat will take care of itself.”Finally, have you ever wondered what would happen to your cat if you were gone one day?Muzi: I’ll try to outlive them.Mom and dad don’t let raise don’t raise ah, but also how to do, the decision to raise will be responsible for A blue?So I’m going to live my life for my cat no matter what.It’s me. I’m an indoorsy, cat-owning, manipulative person, you know?Jupiter?When I saw this sentence in the middle of the night, I often think about this question. If I die, how will the cat do?Jun Yi: I just got a cat this year.I am ready to introduce her to my parents and other relatives and friends, so that we can get to know each other, in case anything happens to me, someone can adopt her.O ∀ o.Recently, wechat has changed the push rules. Now, the public account no longer pushes articles in chronological order