Is the setting spray used after the loose powder

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Yeah, the makeup spray is used after the powder.1. Makeup spray and makeup powder can be used together.If the skin oil is serious, the use of makeup spray and powder can play a good oil control effect, but also make the skin more moist and moisturizing, can maintain long-term makeup.Use loose powder first and then set spray, but both are set products, do not need to use both, in general, just use one of them.2. Fixing spray is suitable for dry skin.Dry skin is more suitable for fixing spray, because it has the effect of moisturizing, there will not be the problem of card powder.Setting powder is suitable for oily skin.Oily skin will be suitable for using makeup powder to fix makeup, makeup powder can help absorb the oil on the surface of our skin, reduce the trouble of taking off makeup floating powder.3, powder professional name is “makeup powder”, also known as “honey powder”.Contain fine talc commonly, have absorb facial redundant grease, reduce the action of facial oily light.Can fully adjust skin tone, make makeup more durable, smooth and delicate, and prevent makeup removal.It is often used for the last step of makeup. If you brush loose powder, it means that your makeup is finished.Loose powder can also mask blemishes and make makeup look softer, especially for everyday use.Therefore, to make a delicate and lasting makeup, the procedure of fixing makeup with loose powder is indispensable.