The quadruplets in Shandong province are “ice-clear and jade”, living in the same dormitory at the same university

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It is every parent’s dream to look forward to the success of their children. Parents spare no effort to cultivate their children.Especially in an era where knowledge and academic qualifications are king, parents attach great importance to the education of their children.Most parents have a certain desire to keep up with the Joneses when their children grow up, hoping that their children are more outstanding and dazzling than their peers.Even a little achievement can make parents feel very happy.When there is only one child in the family, the parents spare no effort to cultivate the child and will give the family all the advantageous resources.When you have more than one child in a family, not only is there a lot of financial pressure, but there are also a lot of unexpected problems.A few days ago, the quadruplets in The Shen family of Shandong province, graceful, four girls appeared on the Internet, temporarily caused the attention of the whole network.The quadruplets, who have been studying dance since childhood, were admitted to Shandong University of Arts together and assigned to the same dormitory.After years of dance practice, the temperament of the four sisters is very outstanding, and they participated in the recording of variety shows, which also attracted the attention of many netizens on the Internet.The names of the four girls are Bingqing Yujie, reflecting the strong expectations of their parents when they were born.The four girls have lived up to their parents’ expectations and are blossoming in their youth.As their parents, spare no effort to cultivate, must be very happy heart.When many netizens saw the scene, they also praised the parents. It is not easy to raise such an excellent child, let alone four children growing up together.The parents must have paid endless hardships in the growing up of these four girls, which also brings a powerful reminder to all parents with multiple children. These problems should not be ignored in their learning and growth process.1. Equitable Distribution of Educational Resources When there are multiple children in the family, the fairness of education is likely to determine the future of children.Although many children have mediocre qualifications, their parents also spare no effort.But when there are more than one child in the family, parents often can’t take care of them as well, and resources may even be distributed unevenly.When parents do this, it does great harm to their children, not only hurting their confidence, but even driving them to extremes.The more children a family has, the more equal education should be maintained. Only in this way can children encourage each other and develop in a positive environment.2, to pay attention to the children’s inner emotions when there are more than one child in the home, the parents’ emotional changes and behavior, is likely to cause a bad impact on the child.Children will also emerge negative emotions that cannot be ignored, so parents should pay more attention to children’s inner emotions and behaviors.Only in this way can we provide a healthier and better environment for them to grow up and avoid siblings turning against each other.When there are multiple children in the home, as parents, if you want them to form healthy competition in grades and have a stronger future, you might as well encourage their children to grow in a better direction by setting benchmarks.Although there may be some competition between siblings, this competition is just to encourage each other, but parents have to control the scale.When there are more than one child in the house, it is inevitable that the energy of the parents cannot take care of the emotions of each child.However, in the spare time of parents, we should also pay attention to the communication between children, do not be superior parents, to become children’s growing friends.Only in this way can they avoid all kinds of problems and conflicts in the process of growing up.Stable and orderly communication can make them grow into better people, while parents’ guidance and promotion can make their relationship more harmonious.When there are more than one child in the family, parents should respect their child’s choice as much as possible. Every child has the choice of the path they want to take in the future. As parents, they can only give advice to avoid detdettions.When children are fully respected and recognized, they develop in a better direction and the atmosphere between families becomes more harmonious.Uszynski once said that learning is labor, not relying on any unreal surface.Education should be fair and provide a level playing field for all children.As for whether can stand out from the top, this and the child’s own conditions have an inseparable relationship, and parents’ education is closely related.When there are more children in the family, there is no way to maintain absolute fairness, no matter from energy or from the distribution of funds.In this case, parents should pay more attention to the above problems, otherwise regret or blame is certain to occur.What do you think parents should pay attention to when they have more than one child, especially when it comes to education?Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences below.For more exciting content, come to the education conference