Insane and revenge

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The Insane and the avenge, how is the word different?Today we are going to analyze it.AvengeCollins 1) AvengeCollinsAvenge a wrong or harmful act, you hurt or punish the person who is responsible for it.To take vengeance for or on behalf of the justice of society rather than personal gain.Avenge a murder is to bring The criminal to trial.The best way to get revenge on a “killer” is to take the offender to court.2. She vowed to avenge her brother'She vowed to avenge the death of her brother and avenge the justice of god, so the original name of The Marvel movie series Avengers is Avengers.Collins: If you revenge yourself on someone who has hurt you, you hurt them in turnwebster:To avenge (oneself or another) usually by means of suffering or degreeRevenge.If you have upset me or anyone else, I will retaliate against you.This “revenge” has to do with feelings, not justice.例句 : Her boyfriend took revenge by kafei the man'Her boyfriend kidnapped the man’s child in retaliation.2. The paper accused her of trying to revenge herself on her former lover. The newspaper accused her of trying to get back at her former lover.Be insane. Be insane. Be insane. Be insane. Be insane.Avenge The insane, as The team wanted to avenge their defeat earlier in The season.The team wanted to avenge their defeat earlier in the season.This change in the nature of use may result from the judicial progress in modern society, which has not allowed and unnecessary private revenge.Did you learn?