Chuzhou nan territory: party construction to lead the construction of credit village, rural revitalization

2022-09-10 0 By

Features: since 2021, chuzhou nanqiao the party leading the credit village construction as an important gripper, promote rural revitalization of the town for the pilot to yellow hills, actively pushing forward the construction of the party leading the credit village actively the party into the credit village construction achievements, promote rural economic development on credit village construction achievements, promote grass-roots governance.We will strengthen organizational support and adhere to multi-party linkage.Establish the joint conference system of party construction leading credit village construction work, 14 relevant units in the whole region regular meetings, research and solve the difficult points in the work, solve all kinds of difficult problems 23.By January this year, four joint meetings and two special promotion meetings were held to ensure the steady progress of the credit village pilot project.Relying on the grass-roots party building grid system of “township Party Committees — village Party organizations — Party groups — Party Members”, the activity of “100 Party members helping party building and leading credit villages” was carried out in Huangnigang Town.252 grid members of the party members in the town contact 10 to 20 villagers in pairs each, and “face to face” communication in villages and households to ensure comprehensive and complete information collection.At present, 4925 households, 61 new agricultural business entities and 6 village collective economic organizations in Huangnigang Town have all completed information collection.Strengthen audit control to ensure fair results.Nan Drum strictly in accordance with the “information filing, system preliminary assessment, publicity in the village, complete assessment” four steps to steadily promote the pilot town credit assessment work, effectively do many links, steps unabated.As a pilot villages and towns, nanqiao town for measurement of the local custom civilization, yellow hills, control list of “the three”, from the support work at, warm-hearted public welfare undertakings, and transforming social traditions and so on eight aspects to obtain, build contains 66 items of local custom civilization is the positive and negative evaluation rules, strict “subtraction” points, change review grade “hard prescription” for a “soft data”.Preliminary evaluation was conducted by 42 evaluation groups composed of village cadres, party leaders (village leaders), party members and villagers’ representatives. Six review groups were composed of party secretaries of all villages, town cadres and financial institution supervisors.The town supervision group and village affairs supervision committee shall supervise the whole process of evaluation to ensure the evaluation results are fair and just.At present, Huangnigang town has assessed A level above 3524 credit users, 312 credit has been granted, the credit amount 33.98 million yuan.Strengthen the application of results to achieve positive motivation.We will actively cooperate with local financial institutions, build a personalized financial service room in The town of Huangnigang, provide 1 financial professional person in each of the 6 villages in the town, launch 2 featured financial products, and actively provide convenient financial services for letter users who need them.Set up a credit supermarket in Tangzhuang village, Huangnigang town, the supermarket carries out the credit points system, customers can exchange various commodities by personal credit points, and truly let the masses get “credit benefits”.At the same time, the credit rating results into the army to join the army, join the Party and league, “two representatives and one member” of the pre-examination reference conditions, preferred AAA level above the letter users as the village “two committee” nominated candidates, at present huangnigang town (community) “two committee” with AAA level of credit cadres have reached 35.