The hero out of the young!It never rains but it pours, yi Ming is amazing, embracing and crying with the coach makes people move

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If it were not for the Beijing Winter Olympics, few people would know Su Yiming.Although he has good strength, he has won the world championship, and even participated in the film and TV series, but few people know him.Until the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Su yiming won MEDALS one after another, and broke the history of the Chinese Winter Olympic delegation, so it was a surprise, we all know this little shy boy.On February 7, su yiming won the silver medal in slopestyle on the third day of official competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics.This is the first men’s medal in The history of Chinese snowboarding, a major breakthrough in snowboarding.On February 15, Su yiming won the men’s snowboard platform gold medal on the Traditional Chinese festival of Lantern Festival.On the day she won the gold medal, Su was three days from turning 18.Su Yiming became the youngest snowboarder in the history of the Winter Olympics to win a gold medal in the men’s big jump.Once again, Yiming Su has made new history.Ms. Su’s competition is similar to Ms. Gu’s, but not as well known as Ms. Gu’s popularity in China.Some of Su’s experiences have been unearthed as he shattered The history of China’s Winter Olympics by winning back-to-back MEDALS.Although Su yiming is not yet 18 years old, and is a snowsport athlete, but has appeared in many films, can be called a young “old drama bone”.He has appeared in the Taking of Tiger Mountain, Your Highness the Wolf, Days of Our Lives, Snow in the Woods, Kid Rock and other film and television works.His role in the Taking of Tiger Mountain is even more popular.When Director Tsui Hark filmed the Taking of Tiger Mountain in 2013, he looked for a kid who could ski to play the role of Little Supi, but he never found the right person.It wasn’t until Mr. Tsui brought in Mr. Su that he decided to hire him.At first tsui was worried about Su’s acting skills, but he didn’t expect her to perform so well.Although Su plays herself, she also brings the character to life.Maybe Su has a gift for acting, otherwise she wouldn’t have starred in so many films.But instead of focusing on acting, Su has a bigger goal of becoming a world champion.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Su achieved her goal by winning one gold and one silver medal. While achieving her goal, she also broke several records of the Chinese delegation at the Winter Olympics.But before the Beijing Olympics, many people didn’t really know Yiming Su.Through the Beijing Winter Olympics, Yi Ming made the whole country know him.In fact, before the Beijing Winter Olympics, Su yiming has achieved good results.It’s just that the events he participates in are less popular, so not many people know him.In addition, he does not have gu Ailing’s special experience, and there is no one to do publicity, so there are few channels to know him.In addition, the media did not expect him to win a medal in the Beijing Winter Olympics, so they did not promote him in advance.Gu, on the other hand, was widely touted as a medal winner in Beijing.In February 2019, Su yiming participated in the second National Youth Games on behalf of Shanxi Team and won the gold MEDALS of men’s snowboard big jump and slopestyle.The only thing is that there is not enough publicity for this event in China.In December 2021, Su won her first international title at the US Stimbott Snowboard World Cup.He is also the first World champion of Chinese men’s snowboarding.No one advertised such a breakthrough.Even so, few would expect Ms. Su to win a medal in Beijing, especially gold.After all, the athletes who make it to the Winter Olympics are very strong, and most of them have won MEDALS before.Just because Su has won occasionally doesn’t mean she’s super strong enough to win in Beijing.Su yiming with the spirit of fearless, in the competition to open hands and feet to do the movements, but the perfect completion of the difficult movements.This is really a hero from the youth since ancient times, Su Yiming succeeded, one gold and one silver achievement is dazzling enough.Su yiming becomes an amazing big boy shining on the court.In the men’s snowboard big jump, Su yiming’s first two jumps were perfect and both got high scores.He had already secured the gold medal with his first two jumps.After hearing the news, the boy, who is not yet 18 years old, held the Japanese coach and burst into tears.He was so happy and excited that he needed to cry to release himself.Japanese coach is also very moved, the two hug and cry.”I did it. I love you,” Su says in English as she sobs.Like Xu mengtao, Su yiming couldn’t believe that happiness had just come.He asked the coach, “1’m just win, right?”(Did I really win?)The coach nodded and told him earnestly, “Yeah.”The old man hugged the big boy again, crying and celebrating again.After the Beijing Winter Olympics, I believe that Su Yiming will be like Gu Ailing, become the top domestic, even international athletes.I also hope that Su yiming will achieve more good results in the future and make more contributions to Chinese sports.