Shen Hui issued internal letter, Wei Ma letter: like women’s football to overcome self

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China’s women’s football team won the Asian Cup on Feb 6, 2022 (Beijing time), sparking jubilation across the country.Shen Hui, founder and CEO of Weimar Automobile, recently released a letter titled “Prepare for competition and Shine with 100 points of Heat like The Women’s Football Team”, saying weimar should overcome the difficulties like the Chinese women’s football team.This letter can be regarded as weema’s annual summary.Looking back over the past year, Weima has made steady progress in its development.Despite the double difficulties of the epidemic and the shortage of core, Weima still has good sales results.Weima delivered 44,157 new cars in 2021, up 96.3% year on year.Last year, VIMA launched its third SUV model, the Vima W6.The vehicle is equipped with AVP autonomous parking system, which takes the lead in realizing L4 autonomous driving in specific scenarios.And the first pure electric car for the individual user market, Weimar M7, is also actively preparing and is expected to be delivered in mass production this year, accelerating the formation of the “SUV+ car” matrix, which will also occupy more market share for Weimar.Last year Weima repeatedly capital favor.In October 2021, Weimar successively obtained strategic investment from GUANGfa Xinde, PCCW and Agile, and completed financing of nearly 500 million US dollars, making Weimar become the only new force to obtain US dollar investment and the largest financing scale in 2021.In the future, Weimar will focus on five aspects including strategy, product, research and development, user and enterprise to create better products and provide consumers with better service and car experience.In recent years, the fire of new energy vehicles has skyrocketed sales, and many we-media have lined up the “seat” of the new force of car making.The argument of “hero by sales volume” is actually a kind of kidnapping of the enterprise.Whether the sales volume is good or bad is not only dependent on the product and brand competitiveness, but also closely related to the market environment and promotional activities.In the letter home, Shen Hui pays attention to the sales level at the same time, but also pays attention to the owner of the car value.”I personally think it’s more important for consumers to change the value of their cars than how many they sell,” Shen said.Especially in the intelligent, electric become the global wind direction of new energy vehicles, the starting point of user demand determines the height of the industry and the upper limit of the car, the global new energy vehicles also look at China.The spirit of women’s football!Wilma spirit!In her letter, Shen hui wrote: “Let’s fight like the Chinese women’s football team, with a hundred points of light, shine a thousand points of heat.”What is the Chinese Women’s football Team?Never give up, in the face of more difficult adversity, Chinese women’s football team never give up, do “sonorous bloom”.And so is Weima?Looking back at weema’s car-making road, it is full of thorns and mud.In the face of PPT building car doubt, Weimar launched the first mass production model EX5;In the pursuit of intelligent technology in the industry, Weimar takes the lead in launching the first national unmanned driving model W6 that can realize specific scenes and the industry’s first intelligent pure electric car with three lidar WEimar M7.The Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup for the first time in 16 years. Weema, which means “champion”, keeps fighting and will become “champion” one day.Pure electric vehicle professional information public number