Linyi Ling listen to psychological counseling: free online psychological counseling effect?

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Do psychological counseling counterparts have encountered this kind of situation, “my colleague recently depressed, you and talk to him “, is not to chat with people, why to collect money?”Why is counseling so expensive?”Today I want to discuss with you the question of free psychological consultation — why should psychological consultation charge?Paying consciousness determines the effect of psychological counseling. Paying psychological counseling is a necessary condition for visitors to attach importance to and cherish the counseling process, mobilize their potential motivation, make continuous progress and finally achieve the effect.Through a lot of practice, Freud, the founder of psychological counseling, found that free psychological counseling (treatment) is not good for the healing of the client.For free psychological counseling, clients generally do not pay attention to the advice of consultants, and most do not make efforts to change their current psychological state.Paid psychological counseling has certain psychological treatment and adverse personality correction effect. The process of psychological counseling needs the cooperation and joint efforts of both parties.In the free psychological counseling, the client often lacks the latent power to explore and change himself, and always hopes to wait for the consultant to take the initiative to solve his problems.The concept of waiting for others to help but not doing, not giving but wanting to gain is itself a prejudiced concept, not conducive to visitors to make real changes.Payment is a measure of the client’s strong willingness to change.Some consultants’ case fees are quite expensive.A client willing to pay for such an expensive consultation can be a powerful motivator for changing their strong will — for personality integration and health.At the same time, paid service is a code of conduct for visitors.In the agreed time, according to the content of the agreement with the consultant to consult, to improve the consultant’s self-awareness, responsibility and self-control has a positive role.Interestingly, the client’s payment status also reveals his relationship with money, with some paying for the entire treatment at once, some paying at a time, and some always wanting to bargain…Counselors can use this information to better understand a client’s symptoms.Paying for psychological consultation is beneficial to completely solve the problem. Paying for visitors can avoid the feeling of guilt and debt.Psychological consultants help clients to consult, if there is no charge, clients will feel guilty, increase trouble to others, psychological may feel uneasy, owe others.If the division for many times to seek help, is not conducive to the continuation and persistence of psychological counseling and treatment process, easy to interrupt the treatment of psychological problems, can not be fully resolved and restored.Paid counseling improves client’s sense of security Many psychological problems are caused by inner insecurity.Clients pay for counseling and take it for granted that the psychologist will help them.If the psychological counselor does not try his best, he can obey the law, which provides insurance for psychological counseling, improves the client’s sense of security, and helps to adjust and transform psychological problems.The client comes to the counselor with confusion and questions.Consultants are not allowed to communicate with clients casually, simply chatting or speaking freely.Psychological counseling is a constructive conversation based on psychological scientific knowledge and technology, not random chat, but a strict operation norms and scientific rigorous counseling (treatment) process.Among them, the relationship between psychological consultants and visitors is the key to the counseling effect;Identification and distancing (maintaining a single counseling relationship) are necessary to ensure effective counseling.Free counseling is often more casual, and the relationship between the counselor and the visitor’s responsibilities and obligations is ambiguous, or becomes a relationship of rights or creates unnecessary guilt, thus affecting the effectiveness of counseling.In order to establish a standard and good consulting relationship, consultants charge a certain consulting fee and form a contract relationship with the client.Legal contractual relationship is the most reliable and reliable relationship in today’s market economy.Visitors show their sincerity and trust by paying.In order to save time, they will actively cooperate with timely medical treatment, and the consultant will assume obligations and responsibilities.Only both sides can put their heart and soul into the consultation effect can be guaranteed.Therefore, consulting is paid to maintain a realistic distance between consultants and visitors, clarify the responsibilities and obligations of consultants, clarify the rights and responsibilities of visitors, ensure that consultants and visitors maintain a working relationship, and promote the effective progress of consulting.Payment is the guarantee that counselors continue to engage in psychological counseling industry. Psychological counseling is the process that counselors help visitors solve psychological problems. The labor and time paid by psychological counselors should be paid.Psychological counseling is a high-risk professional psychological counseling is a spiritual and soul involved process.Consultants require a lot of dedication, spirit and precious time.It is a process that uses their own personality as a tool, rather than a wide sky of happiness and relaxation.Therefore, psychological counseling requires psychological consultants to have good self-care and self-repair ability, which itself is very consuming things, there are certain risks.Psychological counseling is a line of occupation in 360 lines, the existence and development of any occupation is the premise of survival and other industries, psychological counseling is also by work to make a living.Psychological consultants are not immortals who do not eat human fireworks, but ordinary people who eat with professional knowledge.They also have old people and young people who need to live and survive.They also have old people and young people who need to live and survive.Counselors also need to spend money outside, such as housing, meals, trips to shops, restaurants, studies and training.If a profession cannot sustain itself, it cannot grow and exist in the long run.Rewards and rewards are the primary motivation for anyone to choose a career, and you can’t do your job as a therapist or as a psychologist on an empty stomach.Psychological counselors must devote themselves to psychological counseling without the pressure of survival.Psychological counseling is also a medical expense. The psychological cold is the same as the physical cold. When we have a cold, we get an injection and take medicine.Generally speaking, the cost of going to the hospital for injection every day is several hundred yuan.If it is other physical diseases, the medical costs are incomparable to psychological counseling.It costs a lot of money to go to the hospital. Is it free to see a psychologist?Psychological counseling is a profession, psychological counseling is the process of counselors to help visitors solve psychological problems, the labor and time paid by consultants should be reasonable remuneration, is the normal occupational labor income.Only when the actual labor of consultants to obtain corresponding returns, in order to make consultants in the premise of no survival pressure into the cause of psychological counseling.Psychological counseling and therapy is an expensive professional to constantly improve their professional level, maintain good state of counseling and therapy, visitors better service, psychological consultant must continue to participate in business studies and communication, and accept the supervision of the senior fellow (foreign analysts usually need seven, eight years of experience, at least hours a week),These learning sessions are also paid for and expensive.Therefore, psychological counseling is a kind of expensive vocational technology, without charging appropriate fees, it is impossible to maintain the normal and benign development of psychological counseling industry.Therefore, professional psychological counseling services should be charged, not only to protect the interests of the counselor, but also to protect the interests of the client.