Auspicious snow into Jilin plump live to protect smooth

2022-09-09 0 By

Snow is falling, jilin city ushered in the first continuous snowfall in the early spring of the Year of the Tiger. The white snow has dressed the river city in white while bringing troubles to the masses.Fengman District Housing Bureau took the snow as the order, quickly organized and started the snow clearing plan, and all relevant functional units took immediate actions according to the division of responsibilities to ensure normal roads.To ensure snow and ice weather for citizens to travel, transport production road smooth.Fengman District Housing Bureau has been working continuously since February 14th. The Sanitation and Transportation Department and cleaning Department of Fengman District Housing Bureau prepared in advance and were always on standby. They quickly organized equipment and personnel to start the snow clearing work at 9:00 am on February 14th.The graph area sanitation transport department clean up the river snow in the morning The pure snow works full area live built bureau sanitation transport department 50 were rolled in the snow, the bobcats were 3, 36 were forklift, 3 were snow blower, a total of out personnel 230 people, of jilin street, jiangwan bridge such as a city, the secondary main road pavement uninterrupted green snow removal operations.As of 8 am on The 15th, a total of more than 80 vehicles, 1,520 stands of snow have been removed.Plump zones live built bureau cleaning workers daily since three o ‘clock in the morning on artificial snow homework, first, bus stop, the intersection of the bridge pedestrian space clear snow operations, such as to clean up the fine work shift, roll out walking type snow, small throw snow machine, snow machine and so on more than 60 were, highlighting small clear snow equipment use,Put the artificial snow cleaning power on the fine operation.Ensure that the snow clearing task of high standard, high quality to complete.The picture shows the perfect human-machine cooperation of the district cleaning office to fine clean the snow on the overpass, which greatly enhanced the strength and effect of snow clearing. With the full cooperation of the district sanitation transportation Office and the cleaning Office, the streets and alleys in Fengman District achieved the “road see nature” in the snow clearing work of this continuous snow, ensuring the travel of the masses and vehicles.As the snowfall continues and the action continues, fengman District Housing Bureau will continue to contribute to Fengman Dadi with full enthusiasm.