Why Is Cristiano Ronaldo young again?Three secrets revealed, high-tech help, or another four years of playing

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On February 5, Ronaldo turned 37.Although he is in the latter stages of his career, ronaldo still has the physique and the drive to play until he is 41.So, why can “rejuvenate” Ronaldo?Clegg, united’s fitness coach, said: “Cristiano learned how to manage his body very early in his career.This is true not only in physical but also in mental and emotional management.He had continuity in everything he did.”Indeed, from eating to sleeping to recovery, Ronaldo has maintained good habits, which have become the secret of his continued success.Cristiano Ronaldo has maintained a healthy diet throughout his career, once removing Coca-Cola from the table during a euro 2020 press conference.Since Cristiano ronaldo’s return to Manchester United, players have copied his eating habits and desserts have disappeared from their menus.”As a rule, cristiano eats well and cleanly,” revealed Portuguese defender Fonte. “Healthy foods like quinoa, eggs, sweet potatoes, broccoli — he loves them.””We always look at what he’s eating, what he’s doing, and you know he’s the best, and you want to replicate what he’s doing because he must be doing it right.”In order to keep fit, Ronaldo is used to sleeping long hours and working regularly.According to media reports, the Portuguese never sleeps less than eight hours, and Ronaldo himself said: “I go to bed early and wake up early, especially before matches.Sleep helps my muscles recover, which is very important.”Not only that, but ronaldo has a way of keeping his head clear before the match.Rooney revealed: “In every game, before the team goes out to warm up, he follows the same routine.Then he would turn and stare at his own shadow and get ready for the game.”To keep himself in shape, Ronaldo has even bought a state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen treatment chamber.The machine allows users to repair damaged tissue at a faster rate, allowing them to recover more quickly.It takes longer to recover as you get older.However, Cristiano ronaldo helped himself get back to top form as quickly as possible in the best way possible.The insider said: “Everyone knows cristiano is keen on fitness and he is committed to staying in top form.He had used hyperbaric oxygen chambers, but they were not easy to find in the UK, so he decided to buy one and install it in his home.That means he can use the machine if he feels muscle pain.That is why he is rarely absent through injury.