Cerebral hemorrhage, sleeping prophet?The doctor reminds: sleep appears 3 abnormality, careful cerebral hemorrhage

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Although many diseases come menacing, but before they really come, the body will always give us a “hint”, if we can seize this “hint”, early medical treatment, the disease may be eliminated in a slight moment, to avoid serious consequences.For example, although cerebral hemorrhage is a high rate of death and disability, but in the early stage of the disease, we will feel some abnormalities when sleeping, doctors remind: if the following three abnormalities occur when sleeping, we must seek medical treatment as soon as possible, eliminate the risk or timely treatment.Grandpa Chen is 65 years old this year. Although he thinks he is in good health, he has been diagnosed with high blood pressure for several years. Thanks to the supervision of his wife and children, Grandpa Chen’s daily life is very regular and his blood pressure has been well controlled.However, this time coincided with the Chinese New Year and his grandson’s full moon, so uncle Chen’s family was very happy. It was inevitable to drink too much when visiting relatives. After a few days, Uncle Chen’s blood pressure rose and he often had headaches when he slept at night.One morning, Grandpa Chen could not help complaining to his son that he had a headache for several hours last night when he was getting ready for bed. He wondered if it was because his blood pressure was too high.Uncle Chen’s son immediately stopped uncle Chen’s behavior of arbitrarily increasing or decreasing the dosage, and asked for leave with the unit to take Uncle Chen to the hospital for examination.But before the hospital, Uncle Chen suddenly felt numbness on one side of his arm, and it was not convenient to move.Realizing that his father was getting worse, Mr. Chen took Mr. Chen directly to the emergency room.After the doctor inquired about the relevant situation and did a simple examination for Uncle Chen, he suspected that Uncle Chen had cerebral hemorrhage and suggested a head CT examination.In the end, the CT examination, according to the results of the big ye Chen does have cerebral hemorrhage, fortunately the bleeding is relatively less, can adopt the way of medicine conservative treatment to control blood pressure, intracranial pressure and microcirculation, if the treatment effect, bleeding under control, the prognosis will be better, once the situation worse, possibly for surgical operation.The doctor told Mr. Chen that this time thanks to his prompt decision to send Uncle Chen to the hospital, otherwise the consequences may be unimaginable.Because of cerebral hemorrhage in the acute phase of fatality rate is 30% to 40%, is the highest fatality rate in cerebrovascular disease of a kind of disease, in the early days of bleeding in the brain, or illness is not serious, the prognosis of patients is relatively good, but if the bleeding is big, the disease is severe, could be life-threatening, even able to cure, also can lead to paralysis, thought, speech difficulties, etc.But the doctor also stressed that because cerebral hemorrhage is mostly caused by hypertension combined with cerebral arteriosclerosis and other diseases, in the case of the cause can not be completely cured, cerebral hemorrhage may also occur repeatedly, therefore, in ordinary life or to pay more attention to the arrival of cerebral hemorrhage “signal”.Abnormal three sleeping, be careful of cerebral hemorrhage, the doctor said just days before the arrival of cerebral hemorrhage, the body could be some “abnormal” to issue a “warning”, and these anomalies mainly appears in patients during sleep, so, if after sleeping or waking up feeling below three exceptions, must be vigilant, as soon as possible.One of the most common symptoms of cerebral hemorrhage is headache, which is usually caused by increased intracranial pressure in patients. In addition to severe headache, patients may also be accompanied by vomiting, dizziness and other symptoms.Usually the headache is mild during the day, but gets worse once the patient lies down to sleep, and the headache may last for four or five hours.Some people may think it’s normal to drool while sleeping, but doctors warn that it can be caused by sleeping in the wrong position, breathing through the mouth, or even periodontitis.But if drooling during sleep is not alleviating by changing the sleeping position after ruling out some oral diseases, then patients should be on alert, which can be a precursor to bleeding in the brain.Because bleeding in the brain can cause facial numbness, uncontrolled expression, difficulty swallowing and other symptoms, it can also cause patients to drool uncontrollably while sleeping.Third “abnormal” is a urinary incontinence during sleep, in simple terms, is to find their own wet my bed wetting usually appear in children and adults in general can control to urinate, even want to urinate in his sleep, will be “piss wakes,” but if the patients with cerebral hemorrhage precursor, may because of hematoma compression central nervous,And unable to control urinary intention, urinary incontinence.In addition, there are some patients may appear somnolence symptoms, often sit down and fall asleep, which is related to the location and amount of bleeding in patients with cerebral hemorrhage, a doctor said, rather than the patient is “asleep”, as they are “lost consciousness” more appropriate.Therefore, the doctor emphasizes that if the patients have these abnormal conditions when they sleep, they must seek medical treatment in time. Even if it is not cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction and other diseases may also need to be ruled out, or appropriate medicine and timely treatment to avoid “small problems” dragging into “big problems”, and eventually may even endanger life.Finally, the doctor told Mr. Chen that he must tell Uncle Chen to adhere to several good habits. On the one hand, it can prevent brain hemorrhage, and on the other hand, it is also conducive to uncle Chen’s health.First, doctors stressed that while it’s still in the “” during the Chinese New Year, and at home have a wedding, but patients with high blood pressure, such as the big ye Chen should pay attention to give up smoking, drinking or maintaining the health of the low fat, low cholesterol diet, even if there really is an occasion to drink, also want right amount, which can help the big ye Chen maintain the stability of blood pressure, prevent cerebral hemorrhage.Secondly, patients should maintain emotional ease and stability.Doctor remind, too excited mood might also lead to cerebral hemorrhage, the emotional here include not only extremely angry, angry, also including extremely happy, excited, because emotional might causes vasoconstriction, increased blood pressure, for patients with high blood pressure already, it may produce a greater risk of brain hemorrhage.Third, patients should exercise more.Because exercise can help improve the health of blood vessels and the heart, it can also help to reduce weight and strengthen resistance to diseases. At the same time, exercise can relieve people’s pressure to a certain extent, so it is also beneficial to prevent cerebral hemorrhage.Fourth, patients should avoid stool dryness or constipation, if such a situation occurs, it is necessary to timely treatment.Because if it is difficult to defecate because of dry stool, then the patient will defecate more forcefully, which may lead to an increase in intracranial pressure or blood pressure, and if the patient’s small blood vessels are fragile, it may rupture and cause cerebral hemorrhage.The doctor emphasizes, do not think that defecation causes cerebral hemorrhage is a fable, in fact, in recent years occasionally there will be similar news to be reported, especially for the original patients with hypertension, defecation excessive force lead to cerebral hemorrhage risk is real, must cause attention.Fifth, patients should avoid overwork or pressure, arrange work and life reasonably, if they feel very tired when exercising, they should stop exercising immediately and have a good rest, which also helps prevent cerebral hemorrhage.Finally, patients should get into the habit of regular check-up, if patients have chronic diseases such as hypertension, also should regularly review or testing data such as blood pressure at home, to ensure the stability of blood pressure index, if feeling unwell, should also be timely to hospital for examination, never increase or decrease dosage, with their own feelings or medication without authorization.After hearing this, Mr. Chen nodded repeatedly, saying that his father’s life was not very regular and his blood pressure was not so stable recently. After this, he must remember the lesson and should not be so “unbridled” even on holidays in the future.