Type of Macao Visa

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1. Types of Hong Kong and Macao pass endorsement: there are 4 types of endorsement to Macao and Hong Kong. The most common tourist commodities to Hong Kong are L visa and G visa L visa (i.e. group tour endorsement, passengers must enter Hong Kong with the tour group);G endorsement (i.e. individual travel endorsement, which is not subject to group travel restrictions and can travel freely to Hong Kong and Macao);S endorsement (i.e. business endorsement);T endorsement (i.e. an endorsement for visiting relatives and friends).Ii. What are the differences between the G and L passes for Hong Kong and Macao?To sum up in a word, g visa: Personal tourist visa, which is limited by the city, can enter and leave Hong Kong at will, and can fly directly to Hong Kong;L visa: Group travel visa, most cities in China are l visa, you must travel with a group, not direct flight to Hong Kong.Which cities in mainland China can apply for g visa?Residents in Guangdong and 28 cities can apply for self-guided travel to Macao and Hong Kong (also known as g visa).28 cities: Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou, ningbo, taizhou, nanjing, suzhou, wuxi, jinan, zhengzhou, changchun, fuzhou, shenzhen, quanzhou, shenzhen, shenyang, dalian, tianjin, chongqing, nanchang, changsha, nanning, haikou, guiyang, hefei, wuhan, kunming city, shijiazhuang city.G There are five types of visa: once every 3 months, twice every 3 months, once every 1 year, twice every 1 year and multiple times every year (limited to shenzhen registered residents). Each stay in Hong Kong or Macao should not exceed 7 days.L visa generally send customs costs about 15 yuan, holding the L visa passengers must travel with the group out of the mirror, in shenzhen various ports have professional send CUSTOMS L visa, travel agency people will undertake to help you do elite team roster, accompany you through the domestic border station, past the domestic border station and then through the Chinese customs in Hong Kong can self-help travel.If you need to return home, need not send close again, it is ok to return immediately, still can take airport immediately.If cross Macao in Hong Kong, or Macao cross Hong Kong, need not send customs.But if you want to go back to China from Macao to Zhuhai, you must send customs once.Group travel visa can be divided into four types: once a month, twice a month, once a year and twice a year. Passengers shall stay in Hong Kong or Macao for no more than 7 days at a time.