“One problem of the month” civilization creates a city together

2022-09-06 0 By

In 2021, Xiongerzhai Township will firmly walk the road of civilized city creation, stick to the position of civilized city creation, adhere to the original intention of city creation, make characteristics, show the brand, and constantly inject mountain vitality to create a national civilized city.Publicity launched into the brain into the heart of a wide range of creative city publicity work, to create a strong atmosphere that everyone knows, everyone participates, everyone creates.Each village uses electronic display screen, public bulletin board, public service advertisement and other propaganda carriers, in the main intersection, park and other crowded places widely posted slogans.Give full play to the “household butler”, volunteers and other forces, go to the village to promote the city, carry out publicity in the most down-to-earth and easy to understand way, mobilize the masses to actively participate in the city.Township township capacity looks brand-new Carry out “‘ five disorderly ‘glossing, long-term regulation” activities, the competent cadres, grid member “random patrols, promptly persuasion, timely feedback, synchronous rectification”, daily in environmental WeChat group feedback rectification, the “patrol – feedback – rectification” under the closed-loop mechanism of villages, learn from each other, draw lessons from experience,To form a good situation of “comparing with each other and learning from each other to create a total beauty”, and promote the upgrading of the environment of the township.Under the leadership of the “two committees” of the village, party members and the public are regularly organized to carry out patriotic health improvement activities, cleaning the front and back of the house, main and secondary roads, cultural service stations and other places, so that the living environment takes on a new look.Township groups have taken over the baton of voluntary service and carried out voluntary services of “Comity zebra Crossing”, “Civilized Dog Raising” and “Compact Action” to help build civilized urban areas and pass on civilized fashion with full energy.Garbage sorting, civilized dog raising, orderly queuing, not running red lights…These little things that we can do and are doing with ease are a happy smile, a warm support, and a polite greeting. Civilization is the beauty that we create between our hands and feet. Civilization is the participation of the city, and we are insiders.