Lights qiantang three or five nights, dongfeng night flowers thousands of trees: Song Ci “Lantern Festival”

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There are a lot of works about Lantern Festival in song Ci poems. Only three of the most famous works are selected, respectively by Ouyang Xiu, Su Shi and Xin Qiji.European words only comment on, omit notes, translation.Su Xin ci omitted notes, reserved translation, comment.One, Ouyang Xiu “Health check son” yuan Night last year, the flower market lights such as day.The month to willow tip head, people about dusk.This year when the yuan liquid, the month and the lamp still.See last year, tears full spring shirt sleeve.Comments: this word through the hero of last year today’s memories of the past, write the sense of things and people, its language is clear as words, do not need to make any notes and translation, its content can be clear at a glance.But the idea of the song is clever.Write on film “last year yuan Night”, young men and women’s secret date.On the willow tip two words of deep love honey meaning overflow in words, words have to do and meaning infinite, is a woman’s heart will never die of memory.Next piece writes “yuan night this year”, tear full spring unlined upper garment, will be changed, the disappointment that old affection continues hard and sad show very sufficient.The song is bright, natural and has a folk flavor.Influenced by the Chinese style of “The Book of Songs”, there are changes in the overlap of the upper and lower two pieces, forming a strong contrast.Later wang Mai, Lu Benzhong, Xin Qiji, Jiang Jie and other people have imitation.Three or five nights, the moon is like frost, as picturesque as seen.Tent bottom blowing sheng incense vomit musk deer, more no dust with the horse.Lonely mountain city people old also, drums blowing sheng, but into the agri mulberry society.Cold fire light frost dew, faint snow cloud hanging wild.The Lantern Festival in Hangzhou is brilliantly lit and the moonlight is as white and cool as frost.Make the girls look like they’re painted.Moving music emanated from the curtains and perfumes floated from the censer.Riding on the clean streets, there was not a speck of dust.Shancheng Yuanxiao cold and desolate, I have become aging temples grey.Beating and advocating sheng music sound rough, as the village community to pray for good luck.Sparse lights reflected the frost on the ground, and dark clouds covered the field with a scene of falling snow.Comment: this word makes in xining eight years (1075) Yuanxiao, su Shi knows mi state.From the bustling city of Hangzhou to the desolate mountain city of Michigan, he had to make comparisons.This poem is a contrastive way to describe the very different Lantern Festival in two places.On the Lantern Festival written hangzhou brilliant lights, the moon such as frost, picturesque beauty, flute pipe melodious, luo Tent fragrance;The next piece of mi Lantern Festival, lonely mountain city, rough drums, sparse lights, clouds hanging wild, a desolate and deserted scene.The whole word contrasts sharply, the image is vivid, just like two mutually set off the festival custom picture scroll.Three, Xin Qiji “green jade case” yuan Evening dongfeng night flower trees.More blow down, stars like rain.BMW carved car fragrance full road.The sound of the flute moves, the jade pot turns, and the fish and dragon dance all night.Moths snow willow gold wisp, laughter yingying fragrance.He found thousands of baidu, suddenly look back, that person is in, the lights dim.Like the warm spring breeze blowing qiushi honeysuckle, blowing all over the sky stars like rain down.Pulling the oil wall float is a horse, to view the lamp are those rich people.Xiao pipe sound played out of the music, visitors watch all night long do not know sleepy.Beautiful girl dressed up like jade, moths snow willow gold and silver jewelry on the top of the head.Laughter wanfang aroma fragrance.I want to find my sweetheart but find her not, suddenly turned back to see her in the light.Comments: According to Wu Qiming, this poem was written in the seventh year of qiandao (1170). Xin Qiji was 31 years old when he was sentenced to office in Jiankang.This poem focuses on the description of the Lantern Festival, is a famous work.On the film with the image of the metaphor to write the fire tree honeysuckle, brilliant lights magnificent picture.Also described the BMW carved car, the flow of people, phoenix sound moving, ichthyosaurs flying lively scene.The next piece by the scenery and people, write the beauty of the lamp.A blooming flowers, covered with fragrance, beaming from the downtown floating over.These are the background and foreshadowing for the following.The following four sentences are the main purpose of the word: the hero is looking for the right person in the crowd, looking for thousands and thousands of people, but there is no trace.Suddenly turned back, but in the remote corner of sparse lights to see her beautiful image.The beauty in the author’s ideal is different from the common customs, not pursuing glory and being lonely, which is the portrayal and repose of his moral character of being alone and not following the tide after his political disappointment.Attached eight pictures, the Lantern Festival pageantry.