Fendou dressed as a woman and asked for 200 at half off. Did you ever think the boss would go broke?

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Hello everyone!Welcome to watch today’s “Star Too Strange”, today to show you some strange behavior about the exciting beans, let’s have a look.Today star too strange excitedly said to the female students, there are lollipops in the door, girls half price, you can help me buy a.At this time the frog sister said there was no problem, Gao Qian contemptuous of the hard beans said, feed!Why don’t I bring you one, too.Enjoy half price discount, can not ask, if I would compromise.But Fendou said, “No, I don’t usually ask him.How can struggle buy sugar and enjoy half price?Let’s move on.Evening beans came to the school gate aunt selling lollipops.This time fendou shows his cross-dressing scene again.Theory method still must be struggle ghost idea much.We were in an orderly queue, but when they got to the fen dou, they said they wanted 200, which gave the aunt was scared.At this time the frog sister, Gao Qian also whole straight sweat.Yeah, yeah, you bought them. What are they selling?This day star too strange with small cinnamon is the school’s public toilet toilet, but did not expect, the hard beans actually hum a ditty behind them, if the temper is bad, the hard beans may be beaten.At this time struggle, but turned to a billboard.It says one small step forward, one giant leap for civilization.This meaning is not difficult to understand ah, but as a poor student fendou, but do not understand the meaning.What will the struggle accomplish?So let’s move on.In the evening beans on the toilet, star too strange with the cinnamon is also to learn the evening beans, but also humming a ditty.At this time of fen Dou suddenly had a brainwave.Say, be like my strenuous bean so civilized person, a small step which enough ah, can not come a big step.See fen dou stuffed into the toilet inside.He said it was impossible to move.Doesn’t it smell?And talk, which is not something you can’t do in 10 years with cerebral thrombosis.The presence of the small laurel and star too strange is also feel very speechless story is over here, we think the strange strange not strange beans?For more, check out this anime flavored salad dressing