6-2.The first final seat is confirmed, the theory of “peak showdown” brewing, there is still a dark horse

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A place in the first final of the 2022 Players Championship has been secured after Barry Hawkins knocked out Ricky Walton 6-2 in the first semi-final.Promotion way, Barry Hawkins, 6-3 win over the first round of the competition with the top seed in the heart, zhao second round, Barry Hawkins and administration points 6-5 victory over another Chinese player YanBingTao, two round victory over the Chinese players, will be knocked out of only two Chinese players, and Barry Hawkins, became this session of the Chinese snooker player championship fighters.Moving into the final four, Barry Hawkins meets one of the dark horses Ricky Walton.With a first-round win over Mark Allen and a 6-5 second-round victory over world champion Mark Williams, Ricky Walton joined Jimmy Robertson as the two surprise players in the last four of the Tournament.Ricky Walton is still the underdog against former world championship runner-up Barry Hawkins.Ricky Walton, however, was on a roll, scoring 69 and 60 for two consecutive shots of 60+.But Ritchie Walton’s 60 in the second game was overturned by Barry Hawkins.Richie Walton went into a slump and Barry Hawkins came out on top, 84-24, 63-0. Barry Hawkins took the third and fourth sets in a row to come back from a 1-0 deficit to take a 3-1 lead.Ricky Walton gets back in the game.Barry Hawkins hit 115, 61 and 75 in a row to wrap up the game 6-2.Of the top four, Neil Robertson and Barry Hawkins are favourites to advance to the final and are a notch above the other two in terms of fame and quality, with Jimmy Robertson and Ricky Walton as the dark horses.Now that Barry Hawkins has advanced to the final, the theoretical “summit” is brewing!Of course, Ricky Walton’s exit leaves Jimmy Robertson, a dark horse that Neil Robertson needs to beat to advance to the finals.