Haining city again adjusted the scope of containment, control and prevention zones

2022-09-05 0 By

According to the national, provincial and Jiaxing regulations on epidemic prevention and control and the progress of epidemic prevention and control, the expert group decided to adjust the scope of epidemic prevention and control zone, control zone and prevention zone in Haining city.1. The scope of the adjustment of “three areas” : The enclosed control area is adjusted as follows: The new enclosed control Area: 1. Building 5, Chengdong Garden, Haichang Street;2. Building 33, Sha Jing Bridge East, Haizhou Street;3. Building 2, Shuiyueting South, Xiashi Street;No. 21, Yangjiaqiao, Group 14, Wanxin Village, Dingqiao Town;Building 11, Area 2, Yunhe Jingyuan, Yunhe Community, Haizhou Street;6. Building 3, Xiqiao Town Aihua Printing Co., LTD. (No. 27 xinmin Road, Qingyun Village)Building 2, Jinxiu Garden, Haizhou Street.Adjustment of control area is as follows: Newly added control area: 1. Chengdong Huayuan Community, Haichang Street;2. East Shajing Bridge, Haizhou Street;3. Shui Yueting South, Kip Shek Street;4. Group 14-15, Wanxin Village, Dingqiao Town;5. Splendid Garden, Hoi Chau Street;6. Building 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, Area 2, Yunhe Jingyuan, Yunhe Community, Haizhou Street;7. Building 1 and 2, Aihua Printing Co., LTD., Xiqiao Town.The prevention areas are adjusted as follows: 1. Wanxin Village, Dingqiao Town; 2.Qingyun Village, Xiqiao Town.In order to resolutely stop the spread of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic and ensure the lives and health safety of the people, the control measures are announced as follows:Sealing and control area to implement “closed isolation, stay at home, door-to-door service” hard isolation sealing and control measures;2. The control and control measures of “people can only enter and not leave the area, and gathering is strictly prohibited” are implemented in the control area;3. The control measures of “do not go out of the area if it is not necessary, strengthen social meeting control and strictly limit the gathering of people” shall be implemented in the prevention area, and the business of indoor closed public places shall be suspended.4. Those who do not obey the management and control shall be dealt with according to law, and those who are suspected of committing crimes shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Haining City, April 5, 2022