Don’t say chongqing people will only eat spicy!Chongqing is also famous for eating acid

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As we all know, Chongqing is a hot city. When it comes to eating spicy food, it has been ranked in the top three of the “spicy cities” so high that outsiders can think of the hot pot with red oil rolling in chongqing.But!!!Clear!Chongqing people are also good at eating sour food. They can even mix sour and spicy food to create a series of delicious food.Part. 01 “To Chongqing must eat hot and sour powder”Hot pot, small face, hot and sour powder are outsiders to chongqing will clock in three dishes to eat less if the same is not fully come to chongqing is hot and sour powder produced by red tiaoxi powder and components in chongqing magnetic device mouth red tiaoxi powder and powder by hand hand hot and sour powder is uncle’s famous shop with a special colander gently shaking their starch diluted down into the water, has become a full vermicelli when teethOf course,As long as seasoning play well if not pure manual so hot and sour powder is good watch chongqing each street, you can always find in one corner is little pink people usually see at most on the side of the road is coming again and good fast hot and sour powder, but in fact as long as is a small noodle shop general also there will be hot and sour powder oh ~ chongqing which hot and sour powder recommended in no particular order 001…Good again hot and sour powder (Bayi Road head store) 002………Lei Jia Old Farmer General Store 003………Laidfast Hot and Sour Powder Times Tianjie Pavilion C 004………Enjoy a mouth two branch hot and sour powder 005………Zhang Lao Han handmade Hot and sour Powder (Ciqikou Main Store) 006………Old eight aunts bittern spell hot and sour powder Daping store 007………Yimun Baijia Hot and Sour Powder (Hong Kong City Head Store) 008………Hot and Sour noodles (Nine Street Store) 009………Zhao Damei (both old and square) Part. 02 “pickled vegetable dishes, solicitation is delicious” chongqing sauerkraut taste salty, acid taste CuiSheng, bright color, fragrance pubi is our starters alone eat, taste is very good at cooking flavor with it is a special skill at noon, don’t know what to eat at ordinary times can the whole bowl of sour pickled cabbage pork rice noodle hot and sour flavour is dye-in-the-wood,Induce an appetite for a moment whether shredded meat or rice noodle were hung with sauerkraut salty sweet every bite are crazy on the taste buds as AGAR AGAR pickled fish is absolutely most of chongqing head home for dinner, will do treat dish to sour pickled cabbage soup base to green ginger, pickled peppers and other auxiliary materials of Chinese prickly ash, bubble fusion after fish soup thick and delicious fish tender relish,Feimei xianxiang Chongqing which pickles fish worth recommending ranking in no particular order 001………Nine POTS one Chongqing dishes (impression hui direct store) 002………Half moon (Jiefangbei General Store) 003………Tai er Pickled Cabbage and Fish (Beicheng Tianjie Store) 004………Fish Little Monster Fish with Pickled Cabbage (Times Tianjie Store) 005………Tian Tu Xiang Lao CAI Fang (Yangtze River cableway store) 006………Sanseong Old Dang Gu (Hongyadong Branch, Jiefangbei) 007………Niancai (Wanhui Central Store) 008………Camellia Sichuan Cuisine (Jiefangbei Restaurant) 009………Xiao Aijia (Guanyinqiao Shop) Part. 03 “Each family has a jar of kimchi jars to serve delicious food”Although we haven’t realized one ice bucket for each household, we can basically realize one pot for each household in Chongqing. Young people who don’t like cooking may not have one, but as long as they return to their parents’ home, they can see the simple and kind pickle jars filled with pickled radish, pickled cowpea, pickled pepper and pickled ginger that Chongqing people like very much.Especially in the summer when you don’t have much appetite, it’s easy and convenient to make a bowl of porridge with pickles.Made of kimchi hot and sour food also did many of the ones with chongqing food braised pork with bubble ginger PaoHaiJiao GO sister think definitely didn’t get hot and sour sweet and sour at the mouth of the mouth of the authentic to eat that kind of micro acid with hot mouth can’t stop feeling that this plate of shredded pork is absolutely no problem bubble pepper pork though and the yuxiang pork materials almost eat up the taste is totally different, especially with pickled radish bubble pepper pork spicinessIt goes straight up but it’s great to mix it up!There are qianjiang chicken without which chicken can complete out of qianjiang itself fishy smell of the viscera in the bubble pepper, pickled sea pepper under the mixture can not eat a little strange taste to eat only sour and spicy pepper flavor chongqing chicken is worth recommending ranking no early or late 001………Zhang Ji Xinglong Chongqing Cuisine (Jiefangbei Store) 002………Zeng Baochuan Chicken Shop (Songpai Road store) 003………Good fragrance three 嬢 Qianjiang giza (Nanping store) 004………Dragon Kitchen Qianjiang Giza (Wuyi Road Store) 005………Ahui Qianjiang Chicken Miscellaneous Dry Pot (Nanping store) 006………Giza in Qianjiang Ancient Town (Three Gorges Square) 007………Qianjiang Douhua Giza (Pavilion B, Ucheng Sky Street) 008………No.87 Qianjiang Chicken Miscellaneous Dry pot (Daping) 009………Mengyu Qianjiang Giza (Dammiao) /// Chongqing’s sour dishes stimulate your saliva secretion and bring you an unusual taste experience. If anyone says that Chongqing only has spicy dishes in the future, throw this article to him and order all the dishes above for him to eat convincingly!