How long do papillons live?With these six traits, he’s an old dog!

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How good papillon, I believe that people who have raised know that its IQ is particularly high, in the dog IQ ranking, ranked in the top ten, but such an excellent papillon, do you know how long its life?How long do papillons live?In fact, the life span of papillon is still quite long, generally can live 13 to 15 years, or even 20 years are no problem, but at the age of 8, it shows that the elderly stage.If you do not know how to take care of and distinguish between old papillons, let the following small make up to tell you!Older butterfly six characteristics: (1) butterfly after into old age, will become less active, energy is less strong than before, and sleep a long time (2) butterfly after getting old, will be very afraid of the cold, often hide in a warm place to rest, so the owner must give old butterfly to do a good job of keeping warm.(3) After the papillons enter the old age, they will become slow to eat, and often have no appetite, and their teeth are loose.④ When the papillon enters the old age, its eyes will also have problems, may become very cloudy, and even have glaucoma or cataracts, which are common in old dogs.5. As papillons get older, they will move very slowly and have no spirit to do anything, and they will not respond to calls.(6) When papillons get old, the most common hair is coarse, and the hair around the nose grows white, which looks very old.How to raise old Papillon?1, feeding balanced papillon old, the owner must give it some balanced feeding, or it will be easy to nutrition imbalance, to eat papillon food can not be too single.He needs to be fed fruits, vegetables and other nutrients on a regular basis so that he is well-nourished!2, do a good job of warm papillon old, the most important thing is to do a good job of warm work, there is to take it out every day, let it bask in the sun, so as to effectively promote calcium absorption.The best way to keep papillons warm is to wear one piece of clothing and a thick mattress!3, feeding nutrition care for the elderly papillon, the owner also needs to choose a nutritious dog food to feed it, the absorption rate should be high, after all, the absorption rate of old dogs is poor, it is easy to intestinal discomfort, so it is very important to choose a good absorption of dog food.Like “gluttony gluten-free dog food” added probiotics ingredients, improve the dog absorption rate, and nutrition is more comprehensive, balanced, containing a variety of meat and vegetables and fruits, to ensure adequate nutrition for the papillon, so that it is healthier in old age!4, multi-point interaction old papillon especially need the owner’s company, if the owner often ignores it, then the old papillon will be very sad, but also prone to depression.So when taking care of the old papillon, the owner must care more about it and talk to it more!5. Regulate the intestinal tract of papillon when it gets old, its intestines and stomach are very fragile. Because intestinal peristalsis is slow, constipation and other problems often occur.It is recommended that “greedy pet probiotics” effectively protect intestinal health, improve constipation, loose bowels, vomiting and other problems, but also improve the immunity of papillons!Conclusion: How old is your papillon now?