Why did Empress Longyu never win the favor of Guangxu?Late Qing dynasty maid-in-waiting Ronger, told the inside story!

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In the feudal dynasty, every emperor will set up our own queen, the queen’s choice is not necessarily just loved a woman, because between each dynasty emperor must consider family interests, also want to consider to the regime’s solid, so that the queen’s position is likely to be selected by the royal marriage with another family woman.Throughout history, many imperial queens have played such a role. Among them, one empress in the Qing Dynasty was Empress Longyu, the wife of Emperor Guangxu. What makes people puzzled is that she was not favored by Guangxu all her life.Ronger, a palace maid in the late Qing Dynasty, revealed the truth behind this problem.01 maid-in-waiting tells a long yu rong son queen is not a popular reason to say the emperor why don’t you like yourself legally marry wife lung yu queen, there are mainly two reasons, first of all, the first is the problem of long yu queen itself looks on one hand, although her expensive for the queen, is no queen of dignified and elegant, also have no temperament of the female apparatus, looks ugly.According to surviving photos of empress Longyu, she was hunched over, with sunken eyes, a long face with protruding cheekbones and a high, large nose.It can be said that such appearance does not conform to the ancient people’s aesthetic appreciation of girls, although it can not be said to judge a person by his appearance, but if anyone looked at her, the heart was one of surprise, emperor Guangxu saw her is no exception, naturally, the heart was disgusted.However, this was not what Emperor Guangxu disliked most about Empress Longyu. According to Ronger, a palace maid who served Empress Longyu in the late Qing Dynasty, “Emperor Guangxu did not dislike empress Longyu’s appearance very much, but what he could not bear was that Empress Longyu often monitored his every move in daily life.The purpose of this move was, of course, to convey the news to the Empress Dowager, as Empress Longyu was her niece and the two were closely related by blood, which was an important reason why Cixi promoted her to the empress.We all know that the Guangxu Emperor was actually a puppet emperor, who was put on the throne by Cixi when he was still a child, all for the sake of cixi’s personal goal of ruling from behind a curtain.Until guangxu dynasty gradually grew up, slowly involved in the affairs of state, let her feel oneself in the position of the crisis, she know guangxu has now been to serve as the role of an emperor, in the future will also step by step, from their own hands to seize the qing regime, so she had to get ready for your, be sure to limit the guangxu developing its own forces.In order to achieve this goal, the Emperor had to have someone at his side at all times, who was absolutely loyal and could report all information to him. Therefore, empress Longyu, who was related by blood, was undoubtedly the best choice.Can long yu obey the dowager empress, also let guangxu feel great discomfort, his life without a little privacy, do all in the control of empress dowager cixi, the term who are hard to accept, but it also leads to guangxu take all the resentment and grudges flow on lung yu queen, nature has no relationship with her.02 family interests, political marriage but even if the emperor so dislike long yu queen, have to to marry her, because the empress dowager cixi everything arranged, early in the qing dynasty held every three years will draft a woman, the so-called female talent is the emperor to choose their own favorite concubine, in a draft female activities,The empress dowager cixi arranged for her own niece, later the honorary Empress, to attend the event.Emperor guangxu in the process of selection has filtered XiuNv nature also saw the grew up with his cousin, he knew he had to choose this woman, the family of qing imperial house and Ye He the family need to continue the politics, to strengthen the connection between the two families, in order to maintain their rule for regime.If Guangxu had chosen another woman instead of his cousin, she would have been displeased with him. At the worst, he might have been deposed as emperor, or even killed. Under the pressure of the current situation,At that time, Emperor Guangxu had to hand over jade Ruyi, the symbol of the position of empress, to his cousin, so they became husband and wife without any emotional foundation.On their wedding night, however, the Emperor did not touch a finger of Empress Longyu. He simply lifted her bridal curtain and walked away, not only because empress Longyu was ugly, but also because he was already in love.She shared the same political ideal with Emperor Guangxu, so she supported emperor Guangxu’s reform and even advocated reform. Unfortunately, she was brutally killed by Cixi and fell to her death in a well.03 doomed to the fate of the demise of the qing dynasty because of emperor guangxu also support the political reform movement, touched the interests of the empress dowager cixi and some feudal diehards, consequently the dowager imprisoned up, and denied the right to all of his hand, wanted to save the fate of the qing dynasty emperor guangxu, now completely lost opportunities, and his beloved princess was killed in the process,This led to his depression, which led to his death a few years later at the age of 38.The emperor’s death means the empress dowager to find a new emperor to continue to maintain their power, and this is her distant grandniece child puyi, after everything that had just settled, but before she continues to run, she also died in the second day of the emperor’s death, she died suddenly,Will also be handed over to longyu queen and regent feng feng hands.However, although these two men had a certain ruling ability, they could not stabilize the situation of the Qing Dynasty at that time. In addition, the Qing Dynasty was faced with internal troubles and foreign invasion. Warlords and revolutionaries from all over the country also united to overthrow the rule of the feudal dynasty.So in 1912, long yu queen with the age of six, the agreement signed the abdication of pu yi, at this point the qing dynasty also completely extinct, regent Wang Zai since being lost power qualification can only choose home endowment, the long abundant queen continued raising puyi to grow up and don’t wanted to in the second year of her sudden death and death, completely ended her absurd life.04 conclusion actually no ability and intellect, long yu queen was of noble origin can be served as the role of the queen, but she stood in the wrong position, did not find the direction, blindly follow the arrangement of the empress dowager cixi, did not consider the feelings of her husband, also didn’t do as a wife’s duties and obligations, maybe she didn’t understand why guangxu to his deathbed also despise her,I have to say that Empress Longyu is also a woman suffering from a mystery.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!