Shopping mall intelligent guide system software application scheme

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With the development of intelligence, the way of shopping guide in most shopping malls is not perfect now. Most of them use hanging guide cards, vertical guide billboards and manual guidance at the door and elevator.This traditional approach lacks the interaction with the customer.Mall intelligent guide system is a concentration, convenience, can inquire and guide visibility and friendly interface of application software, binding with the actual situation of the mall, resume a demand prompt information system, so as to guide the consumer according to their own goal is convenient and fast to find the corresponding goods.Interface functions: Home This function displays the home page of the system. The interface can be customized according to user requirements. Click the corresponding function to enter the interface of this function.Supports landscape and portrait screens.This function displays information about the shopping mall, phone address, map and surrounding traffic.Customers can intuitively and conveniently query the bus lines, subway lines and self-driving lines and other related information.You can check the location of various famous scenic spots in the vicinity.Shopping mall Activities This function is to display the promotion activities of shopping malls and businesses. There are a variety of activity pictures to display. Slide left and right to turn the page and click the picture to enter the details of the activity.Shopping Guide This function is to display all brand merchants in the mall, search by various categories, support by the first letter search, search by business format, search by floor, click the corresponding LOGO to enter the details of the merchants, and one-button intelligent route guidance.Floor guide This function is to display the 3D floor plan of each floor of the mall and the detailed introduction of the merchants on each floor.The map supports 360 rotation, current location indication, public facilities (call center, restroom, elevator or ATM, etc.) display, dynamic route guidance.Catering food this function for the shopping mall catering business display, business advertising display, support catering business search, search by floor, search by business name, click the business icon into the business graphic display, etc..Reverse car search This function is reverse car search. Users can query the location of their car by inputting the parking number and license plate number on the touch screen, and display the route.At the same time, the scanning code payment function can be connected.This function displays the e-membership service content of shopping malls, which can support member login, membership card type display, point exchange, member activities, member service content, star service, etc.You can find all kinds of customer service information, such as broadcasting, umbrella rental, membership card and other intimate services.System functions: 1. Due to the divergence of distribution locations of shopping malls and supermarkets, it is required to be able to remotely control each player and multimedia publishing server on the authorized control terminal in shopping malls and supermarkets.2. All media player networks of business outlets are connected by wan, so the system must support WAN operation and management.3. It is required to support live video broadcasting, such as live important meetings, news broadcast, and live press conference.4. All kinds of video files are required.5. If there is network interruption in the process of file transmission, and when the network is restored, the file that was not transmitted last time should be automatically transmitted.6. Support temporary task interstitials.7, support remote player shutdown, restart, clock synchronization, volume control and other functions.8, software requirements for B/S architecture, through the browser can complete all the playback task arrangement, release, playback equipment management operations.9. Request that information from the Internet can be played.10. The front-end player requires industrial-grade stability and reliability.