Raoyang people’s “but seven, dead little Nina;But eight, dead a son “what mean

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Not three years in the countryside of the new daughter-in-law, in the first month to comply with a lot of cumbersome etiquette, are handed down from the older generation, Raoyang County chu rural new daughter-in-law so over the first month.On the first day of the New Year, the new wife kowtows to her in-laws and other family elders before the family eats dumplings.More than 20 years ago, when I first got married, I forgot to kowtow to my in-laws on the morning of the first day of the first lunar month.The mother-in-law boiled dumplings, I was busy putting the table, the mother-in-law said: “don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it.”I took chopsticks, mother-in-law or said: “forget it, forget it.”I wondered, how what also don’t let me do ah?Until the dumplings cooked, AND I grabbed the bowl, outspoken mother-in-law finally suffocated, laughed to remind me: “kowtow, kowtow ah!”I this just suddenly realized, hurriedly face north kneel down, respectfully say: “father and mother, kowtow to you!”The in-laws laugh that is brilliant, the family this is happy to eat dumplings.On the first day of the lunar New Year, the bride does not go back to her parents’ home, otherwise she is poor.Although many people are no longer superstitious about these sayings, those who have brothers in the family try to avoid going home on this day.One afraid of family criticism, two afraid of really bring bad luck to her family.On the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, which is commonly known as “Po Wu”, every family eats dumplings. On this day, the new daughter-in-law cannot go back to her parents’ house, but must stay at her husband’s house.The sixth day of the year, is the new daughter-in-law with the new son-in-law “home” day, the couple with rich gifts, happily back home.When they arrive at their parents’ home, the new son-in-law will pay New Year’s greetings to his parents-in-law and other elders, and the new daughter-in-law will give lucky money to her younger generation.As the saying goes, “Look at the daughter and respect the son-in-law”, the in-laws will give a banquet for the new son-in-law and invite relatives and friends to accompany him.In the early years, the new son-in-law would live in the father-in-law’s house for a few days before leaving, but now he can come and go freely.On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the bride goes back to her parents’ house to “hide from the lamp.” As the saying goes, “Seeing the lamp at her husband’s house, she dies.””, “Watching her mother-in-law’s fire, dead mother-in-law.”The old ceremony is not in, who is willing to give her husband’s family trouble, so the new daughter-in-law went back to her home for the Lantern Festival, and because of the “fifth, fourteen, twenty-three, the couple do not go month day”, the new people will be back before the fourteen day of the first month.In the early years, it was the father and brother of the family to take home, now it is the son-in-law to deliver.However, there are special cases. For example, a daughter-in-law who is about to give birth will have to spend her 15th year in her in-laws’ house because she can’t stay in her parents’ house for the month of confinement. However, she should try her best to avoid the lights and fire in her in-laws’ house.This village has an old woman, more than 50 years ago, because is about to give birth to a child, dare not go back to her mother’s home, the mother’s family brought a bundle of wax, but the mother-in-law pulled a face and said: “If catch in the evening to give birth to a child, a bundle of wax how enough ah?”Her family then asked someone to bring two kilograms of kerosene.Now the mother-in-law is enlightened, do not speak those old etiquette, but the new daughter-in-law still according to the old saying 15, to show respect to the in-laws.If you really want to give birth, you have to go to the hospital, and then you can’t see the lamp and fire in your husband’s house.On the 17th day of the first lunar month, the new daughter-in-law goes back to her husband’s house.But baer, a dead family;But nine, dead couple.”The new daughter-in-law also arrives at her husband’s house in the morning, because as the saying goes, “After noon, sister-in-law dies.”The mother’s family carefully baked six dough cakes, six dead dough cakes and two sides of cooked pork, by the brother or father to the bride and these gifts to her husband’s family, dough cakes symbolize prosperity;Dead bread meaning life is real;Two sides of meat is “pancake wrapped meat, over the thicker.”;So there is a saying that makes fun of the mother-in-law: “When the daughter-in-law goes to her husband’s house, the mother-in-law opens her mouth.”Now life has improved, daughter-in-law to her husband’s family presents have added several kinds: a whole long sugarcane, meaning life successively high;Six strings of hawthorn tanghulu, meaning prosperous days;A bag of sesame sugar symbolizes life “sweet and sweet”.The 25th day of the first month is the day to play tun, this festival is very important in the eyes of farmers, indicating a good harvest, revenue, population prosperity.The daughter-in-law after the door is in her husband’s family, this day must be spent in her husband’s house.After the first lunar month, the first day of the second lunar month is called “out of zheng”, and the newlyweds must stay at their in-laws’ house. There is a saying that if they do not leave zheng, they will die. Therefore, the newlyweds will arrive at their in-laws’ house in the afternoon of the first day at the latest.Although the ceremony is cumbersome, but also expressed people’s simple wishes for family harmony, happy life.Of course, with the popularity of some new customs and concepts, some old customs gradually fade out of people’s lives.By Cho Moon-hwan