New Year’s Harvest: New Year’s Scenery and New Hope

2022-09-03 0 By

Reviewing the past, this year to pay and fruits, struggle and dream side by side, common achievements of our thriving happy life.Looking forward to the future, the New Year, let’s listen to your harvest, moved and wish.Linze County fire rescue brigade firefighter Tian Wei said, “in the New Year, I hope my hometown Linze is getting better and better, the people are a little more safe, I hope my comrades can return safely every time the police, we will continue to practice skills, fulfill their duties, not entrusted by the people, to ensure the area of peace.”Li Zhixin, a performer of linze Spring Festival Gala, said, “In 2021, both work and life will be fruitful.In the New Year, I wish my colleagues a smooth career and a happy family.I wish my friends and family happiness and the Year of the Tiger good luck. I also wish my child progress in study, peace and health.”Linze endeavor grape professional cooperative responsible person Shi Hong said, “In the New Year, I hope to attract more tourists to understand our red ditch, understand our Banqiao, let more tourists come to our four seasons picking garden to travel and sightseeing.”Citizen Jiang Xiaoli said, “In the past year, my family bought a new house.I hope in the New Year, the whole family is safe and the children are healthy. I can make further progress in my work and try to do my own job well.”Xiong Wuming, a volunteer of the West Plan, said, “In 2021, I just came to Linze Meteorological Bureau to work, and gained a lot. For 2022, I think it is to continue to base on my own work, deal with some of my daily work here, and then hope that IN 2022 I can be better than the previous year.”(Li Bing, Wang Yongfan, Cheng Li, Xiao Jiayue, Liu Ying, Guo Hao