Keep cutting wages!Chen Xuyuan is determined to implement the salary limit to the end, the national football team’s life is more and more sad

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Keep cutting wages!Last year, the maximum salary for local players in the CSL was set at 5 million yuan before tax. According to media reports, Chen wanted to reduce the salary to 2 million yuan before tax, but the players would not agree.The salary cut is definitely a good idea. If a player’s salary can be reduced to support a team, there will be many teams, so that the real realization of football for all, and the real love of football to join the football.Nowadays, Chinese football is abnormal and has become an aristocratic sport. The high salary of men’s football leads to almost all clubs losing money and not making profits, so they have little money to carry out youth training. Before, most clubs just spent the money invested in football as advertising expenses, but it is estimated that there is no real sound operation.Secondly, the enthusiasm of the players to stay abroad is not high, and they can earn a high salary if they dawdle around in China. Who also goes out to suffer and earn less outside?Third, too much money involves too many shady scenes, all kinds of transactions, can not be fair selection, a vicious cycle for a long time, football has lost its own significance;Fourthly, football must be in line with international standards. The salary of the women’s football team should also be improved. If the level of football is higher, it is natural for them to go to the high-level league to earn higher wages, which will create a virtuous cycle over time.Fifth, I am a milan fan, look at the current Milan player’s salary, generally in a few million yuan annual salary, can the National football team that several million yuan annual salary to Milan can play the main force?In order to ensure the healthy operation of the club, Casey has a lot of money, which is just 20, and he has to leave because he can’t afford a high salary. Considering the situation at home and abroad, Chinese football in the past 20 years has basically been busy in vain to reduce salary, which is to lower the threshold of football, support, and have the ability to go to the world’s top league.Is our country rich enough to worry that when the median American middle class makes $80,000 a year and nobody plays football on $3 million a year?Don’t forget we are still a developing country, go see the toiling masses in the Midwest!It is not enough for clubs to cut wages, but a mechanism should also be established to link the performance of the national team with the salary of the players. If the national team has fulfilled the requirement of neither promotion nor demotion, the salary increase should be overfulfilled, and if the performance is not fulfilled, the salary should be drastically reduced. Otherwise, everyone can join the national team and become a gold-plated pension.Not just A drop of, have the necessary incentives, such as his squad cap can improve five hundred thousand, grade A ranked game before the team’s team win limit by five hundred thousand, Asia series victory in the ceiling can improve to two million, the World Cup qualification cap can improve again three million, if the World Cup, can more directly.Youth is not a decade eight years did not see results, youth is to grasp, to take on, but the Chinese super league is also essential to sound platform, can’t attend, we in the beyond make, the more don’t know how to do not learn Japanese and Korean, learn to copy to improve again, make economic weapons can do, why not a football,I don’t believe it. Are The Chinese really dumber than the Japanese and Koreans?