Chaperone diary two: thousands of good at home, go out a difficult day

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Welcome to “Xu Ji Literature and Art”!I didn’t sleep well last night.After last night’s water delivery, it was already 12:30 in the morning.In the middle of the night, the nurse made several rounds and was woken up several times.When at home, undress and sleep, relaxed and unconcerned.When accompanying, and clothes and lie down, cumbersome in the body, how to sleep soundly?!Weekday night at home to sleep, quiet, occasionally wake up, then difficult to fall asleep.Now, the nurse in and out, three times five was awakened, intermittent, sleep to five more, nurses, health workers began a new day’s work, is in and out, and then difficult to sleep.Seven o ‘clock, go to the canteen.Porridge, two yuan a bowl.Father couldn’t finish it, and I didn’t want to.But, the aunt of the dining room dozen rice not dozen half share rice, and talk curt “you eat not finish pour can!”The food was not only bad, but also expensive: stir-fried radish, potatoes, cabbage and other vegetarian dishes cost eight yuan a portion, which was almost the same as the hotel, and basically boiled.The so-called porridge is not boiled, but boiled water and made of cornstarch.I think the service attitude and service mode of the hospital canteen would have been closed down for N times if it had been placed outside the hospital and participated in the competitive environment.In hospitals, though the service is poor and the food is poor, business is still flourishing. This is the first-hand experience of monopoly: but whenever monopoly is operated, it benefits a few at the expense of the masses.Two beds were vacant in the ward.Empty beds are not allowed to sit on, let alone lie on.Looking for a place to sit?Either sit on a stool or sit on a sick man’s bed!Everything is a limitation, everything is not satisfactory!It is really good at home, go out a day difficult oh!It has been said that the two best places to educate people are prisons and hospitals.If these two places still can’t change people’s behavior and touch people’s souls, a better place is a funeral home!Father’s heart rate, sleeping more than 60, up when urinating can reach about 115, fully doubled!His blood pressure was 195 ~ 95 when he was admitted yesterday, and 135 ~ 80 this morning, presumably due to taking antihypertensive drugs.Oxygen sat at 100.Welcome to “Xu Ji Literature and Art”!Hospital escort diary three: the old cat sleeping on the pot, passed on from generation to generation Hospital escort diary eleven: good family education, children harmonious hospital escort diary nine: a purr, everyone fled hospital escort diary thirteen: practicing medicine is a matter of conscience, professional standards and moral standards are high