What do you do to maintain your dignity at 30

2022-09-02 0 By

Confucius said, when you are thirty, you should reflect on why you stand between heaven and earth.You were beautiful at 18, not because you were beautiful, but because 18 was beautiful.At 28 you are beautiful, not because you are beautiful, but because of the clothes you wear.Youth is so beautiful, but eventually will dissipate.When you reach the age of thirty, if you have no money, you have no status, no dignity, and people will not be polite to you.Perhaps some people will argue that the 00 heel of the past is not the same now, they know more about what they want, but also more dare to say what they do not want.In fact, they are not better, they are not worse, they just haven’t experienced society’s hammer yet, or someone else has taken the hammer on their behalf.We must eventually become adults, like dad, to support the family, if you refuse to grow, you will never stand up.At the age of 30, you don’t have the body of a young person or the experience of a middle-aged person, but you already feel the pressure from your family and the expectation from society.You want to tell yourself that many people in history have accomplished nothing at the age of 30 and still have a chance. In fact, only you know best in your heart that you may give yourself another 30 years and still be an ordinary person.At the age of 30, sometimes you will suddenly remember that in another 30 years, you will be 60 years old, you will go into retirement, you will go to a nursing home, and you will start to dance square with old people and play chess until you die.Think of here, your heart a burst of resistance, you desperately want to dress up a little younger, want to learn some young people like things, but finally found that no matter how to hide age, also cheat yourself.Make money. Don’t put precious energy into relationships. Love isn’t the only thing or even a necessity in life.You’re an adult now. Tell yourself that anything that doesn’t make you better isn’t worth your time.The world is getting smaller and smaller, and we can reach new stars soon, but if you don’t work hard, you won’t even be able to afford a ticket to Noah’s Ark.You want to get drunk, but you don’t know that wine costs money.Life in this world, must leave something in the world, even the gods have to clock to work, cultivate themselves, you are a mortal, and what qualifications do not work hard!